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PlantDryad123's Trade list

28 May 2009 - 12:58 PM

Welcome to PlantDryad123's Trade list

Link to dv8mad's awesome thread:

:hot: - Want/Hard to get rid of

For trade/selling for the right price
My list of stuff - Updated: 6/11

Most of them are open but great conditions. There shouldn't be any scratches unless they are really minor. I will note anything that needs attention. Some of the things (mostly newer) might be mint since I take awesome care of my games, but I'm too lazy to check right now
when I use the word "used" means that it is a step down from mint condition

Feel free to PM me, or whatever

Paypal Rules
I have a premier account, so I accept any type of paypal (CC or bank), so they take my money regardless of what kind of transaction it is ):. But don't worry, I DO NOT PASS MY FEES ON TO YOU :D

Anyways good luck.
Hopefully, dv8mad and goomba478 will approve of my list :) They are awesomely awesome!


AR Tonelico - Sealed with soundtrack <- not the premium pack
AR Tonelico II - sealed with the goodies
SMT Devil Summoner 2 w/ plushie - sealed

BlazeBlue LE
Time Crisis 4 w/ 2 Guncons - make a good offer
Devil May Cry 4
Cross Edge
Eternal Sonata:hot:

Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass CE
Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Street Fighter IV
Tales of Vesperia
Final Fantasy Tactics A2

-Posters- haven't figured out how to ship these. any suggestions?
Last Remnant
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - has digitally printed signatures of the developers
Lupin the 3rd - one of the chicks

Gundam Seed Destiny Vol. 12 Special Edition
Tenchi Muyo GXP Collector's Artbox + Vol. 1 -sealed
Black Blood Brothers - Complete - thin-pak
Glass Fleet - complete, sealed.

Extras/Misc/Swag/Pre-order Promos
Club Nintendo Hanafuda Cards <-- sealed with instructions, learn how play a piece of nintendo history :)
Artwork Postcards from Re:Kingdom Hears Chain of Memories
Chrono Trigger DS soundtrack pre-order thing
Fire Emblem Pre-order Art Cel
BlazeBlue Artbook

Money: Paypal, if you want pay with gift card we can negotiate.
I like JRPGs and stuff
Will look at anime stuff.
I love gashapons/ mystery boxes-preferably unopened since 50% of fun is opening it
PVC figures too!

I prefer looking for stuff like the above said, but I guess I will take brief look at whatever too.

Feel free to email me.

Persona 2 on ebay

07 May 2009 - 01:45 PM

After totalling my car, I needed some money so I put up my persona 2 on ebay:
This is my first ebay auction so its pretty generic and depending on how this one goes I might put more stuff. Thanks for looking.