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Blog ferris182 > F'n Gamestop Employees!

Posted 09 January 2011

I buy alot of used games from gamestop and I went to a different store today than I usually do. I am very picky about the cases, manuals and I always ask to look at the discs. I check several cases to make sure I get the one in the best shape.

So I went to the store today during a time that there was no one in the store. I picked up 2 used xbox 360 games...

Blog ferris182 > Best ways to get through backlog?

Posted 14 September 2009

Over the past few years I have built up my gaming collection dramatically. I usually play a game to completion and decide if I'm going to keep the game or sell it on Ebay. I usually sell the game unless the replay value is high or if I love the game. The problem is that I am buying alot more games than I am playing.

Currently I own the following numb...

Blog ferris182 > My Game Purchasing This Week: Best Buy, Amazon and Ebay

Posted 13 September 2009

All games are for Xbox 360 unless otherwise specified:


Batman Arkham Asylum: New 52.99 w/ free shipping and a $10.00 cupoun to use on a future game purchase
Lego Batman: New $10.00
Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga: New $10.00
Okami: PS2 / New: $14.99
Powerstone Collection PSP New $12.99
Strategy Guides: $12 each for Halo Wars and Kin...