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Fake Craigslist Video Game Garage Sale Ads?

02 August 2015 - 02:21 PM

Hey guys,

This happened to me twice this weekend in which video games were advertised at both sales and when I arrived at the addresses, there were no sales to be had.

One sale said "huge man cave sale" and said there was a NES, GameCube and PS3 for sale.

The other one said they had a SNES, Sega Genesis, and 360 for sale.

This also happened to me once last year.

Has this happened to anyone else?

What is the motive of the person who is listing the fake ad?

Does this person want send the video game hunters to a different area so their route is clear for a day?

Let me know your thoughts.

NEOGEO X GOLD Limited Edition System $99.96 at Amazon

08 March 2015 - 04:41 AM

Is a pretty solid deal. I am going to pick one up.

This is comes with a handheld console, docking station to play on your TV, HDMI cords, arcade controller and 20 pre-loaded games.


3 for $10 Xbox 360 or PS3 Games at GameStop

24 January 2015 - 10:00 PM

Hey guys,
Update: Full game list is attached.
I was at my local GS today and an employee told me there is a deal starting tomorrow that will be 3 games from a pre-selected list for $10. 
It will include Xbox 360 and PS3 games and he believes it will be going on until Feb 15.

Here is the full list:

Attached File  20150125_122559_zpsehyhjgub-1.jpg   102.31KB   55 downloads
I just read the list quickly while I was at the store.  Most of the games have a regular price between $4.99-$9.99.
Here are some games I remembered from the list.  This is a partial list.  The list I saw in the store had about 50-60 games from each console.
Take it easy!
Xbox 360:
Castlevania LOS 1
Dead Space 2
Earth Defense force 2017
Gears of War 3
Mass Effect 2
Mass Efffect 3
Fable III
Two Worlds II
Modnation Racers
Castlevania LOS 1
Dead Space 2
Infamous 1 + 2
Uncharted 2+3
Mass Effect 2+3
Fallout New Vegas
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Resistance 3
Ratchet + Clank All 4 One