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In Topic: PSNOT 3.0 - Let's Talk About University of Kentucky, Baby!

11 September 2019 - 05:04 PM

i'm just here for the trophy cards

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

06 September 2019 - 04:11 PM

Got one of each game this morning. Much easier than I expected. The last two Vita games I'll ever have to order, unless play Asia is hiding something. Regardless of how I may feel about lrg, I got about 40 Vita games from them, I appreciate what they did put out there. Especially after going through the list of Vita games and seeing what else I would actually want physical. Which was only about 4 more games that I'm sure they couldn't have picked up. Good luck to those going for a full set.

In Topic: PS Vita Deals & Discussions Thread

11 June 2019 - 02:44 AM

lol, what a list. at least my wallet liked the announcement

In Topic: Limited Run Games Thread - Global Outbreak of...Delayed Shipping

11 April 2019 - 02:02 PM

i hate that they're just now doing this with some games. really should have been a thing all along.

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 2/17-2/23: Free Steelbook with Pokémon: Let's Go

19 February 2019 - 02:41 PM

so, i guess  if my GCU expires on the 27th of February and I still havent received the extra 25% off, im probably not going to get it? seems like everyone mentioned getting theirs a couple weeks before expiration.

i got mine 5 days before my gcu expired. i'd make sure you save your code as soon as you get it. a lot of people have had issues with the link in the email not working after x amount of time.