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Blog quickly_one > Its been way to long

Posted 21 November 2011

Hey Fellow CAGs Some of you might still remember me but most have proably forgotten. I lelouch was away from CAG for several months ( maybe over 1 year) and now i am trying my best to get back into my gaming and otaku ways hopefully everybody can help me catch up on what i have missed during the last year. and i will also post some weird/ crazy blogs as t...

Blog quickly_one > To everybody with and ipad

Posted 03 August 2010

I have made a firm decision on getting the ipad within the next 2-3 weeks. So far i am debating over getting two different models the 16gb or the 32gb. And now i need help deciding which one to get. I don't want to get the 16 gb one and then have to keep erasing things, but i also don't want to get the 32gb and only use up 10gb of it. 1nintendofan has giv...

Blog quickly_one > Man, Women and the wall Review

Posted 22 July 2010

As promised in my last blog here is the detailed review for the movie - Man, Woman and the Wall.


Plot - A semi young reporter moves into his new apartment and is immediately fascinated by two things , his bathtub and his next very hot door neighbor Sora Aoi . He soon...

Blog quickly_one > Man, Woman an the Wall

Posted 22 July 2010

It is said that if you look into the eyes of an other person while they are at their darkest moment in life, that you will be able too see, and feel the events that have lead to it through their eyes.

Enough of that crap lets get to what this blog is really about Japanese movies :applause: . With me being subscribed to netflix 3 dvds at a time, And h...

Blog quickly_one > First blog so excited

Posted 04 July 2010

Okay so i have been on CAG for a while now, but have never gotten the chance to post a blog mostly to not knowing what to make it about. Well that is going to change today I finally found something that has me excited enough to write about. What is this this special thing? some of you may be asking yourselves. Well what has me so excited is that dv8mad n...