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In Topic: Defiance - MMO Shooter With Ties to Syfy Show - Out Now - 7/21: $19.99 a...

28 July 2013 - 11:54 PM

may get this on the $20 price point.....anyone still playing?

I haven't played in a while but you can count on me. Work is slowing down again where I might start playing games again.

In Topic: PS+ Auto Update problem

11 April 2013 - 11:34 AM

It's a corrupted download that it's trying to install. The PS3 will try to install all downloads available that you haven't yet installed or a download that update session that completed but is corrupted.

In Topic: Defiance - MMO Shooter With Ties to Syfy Show - Out Now - 7/21: $19.99 a...

09 April 2013 - 01:27 PM

Its my first MMO, so far I'm loving it.

I'm pretty lost most of the time though, I just seem to go from mission to mission. Not sure how mods work yet and what the whole point is other than playing the story and co-op missions. The Arkfalls are boring, you just run around for 15 minutes killing enemies and shooting at a crystal.

The first area is very easy to get lost in, it's huge and it's probably got more real estate than the map gives it credit for. The Arkfalls change up a bit, some are destroy the crystal and others are destroy waves, the major Arkfall changes it up with a big Boss at the final Arkfall that spawns after the last minor Arkfall in the area gets taken down. I like going for the top score, if I know I'm not going to get it, I go for a top 20 ranking. With my style of aggressive DPS I hit the top 20 fairly easily. The major Arkfalls reward you with one or two loots at the end, somewhat more worth it than the minor Arkfalls.

What I spend a fair amount of time doing is going from shop to shop, looking for goodies. Mods don't really benefit you early on but they are nice when you get a really good gun you like. There are only a few funky weapons that really need a mod or two to work well, like flare guns or grenade launchers. Once you unlock all the salvage matrix features you can add more mod slots, so everything can be modded to your liking.

The FRC SAW(LMG) works way better with a full set of mods, recoil down, dmg up, mag cap up and a sight for accuracy. Flare guns default to a 1 round mag, the lowest pistol mag mod gives you +4 capacity, now you have a flare gun you can use for crowd control. Manual detonator grenade launchers can get an extra grenade or two by modding the magazine, a necessary mod to make it awesome. Once you build your gun around your perks you'll start to realize how modding will work for you.

In Topic: Defiance - MMO Shooter With Ties to Syfy Show - Out Now - 7/21: $19.99 a...

09 April 2013 - 12:53 PM

Hmmm, I already have it and was actually going to start it today, do you suggest I wait until the 15th?

I'd load it up if you have it. There are a few quirks but nothing that makes it unplayable, just keep in mind the more glitches you start seeing, like the HUD or various interfaces taking too long to load, you should restart the game. All the major glitches I've had are related to what I'd call a memory leak, the HUD not loading, shops not loading, map not loading, people/mobs not loading and that's all resolved by restarting the game.

Get the various patches and install out of the way. It took me about a half hour or so of patching and installing. The servers are undergoing maintenance once a day, from what I've seen they've been taking the servers down twice a day for various server side fixes. Even if you load up the game and hit the server queue it's only really a 2-3 minute wait to get into the game, their projected wait times are off by 3 times as much time.

You don't get to pick your server per se but there are different phases, game universe layers if you would. The game is friendly enough to let you travel quickly to your friends server and has plenty of fast travel points that you unlock just by discovering the areas. It's definitely far different and better an MMO experience with access to the whole map and no level differences crushing you to keep you in your level/zoned area.

In Topic: Defiance - MMO Shooter With Ties to Syfy Show - Out Now - 7/21: $19.99 a...

08 April 2013 - 06:33 PM

4 days in and I'll say wait for the 15th if you're going to get this. They have two patches scheduled, one being on the 15th and the other 2 weeks after. Right now it's still glitchy and mostly it's balancing the servers and doing maintenance. Voice chat is somewhat functional, I do like the options for universally muting various channels though.

I do like it. I end up restarting the game every 3 or so hours due to it having a memory leak. Minor glitches here and there, crashing on a cut scene, not having one major arkfall out of like 20 award credit. It's still very fun for me, but I knew what I was buying into. For the most part, just wait until after the 15th if you're having doubts.