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PS3 controllers won't sync unless system is powered on first!

23 December 2015 - 09:06 PM

I have a problem. When I use any controller to power on my PS3, that controller never finishes syncing and just blinks forever (literally forever, it never stops). This happens with any of my controllers. If I turn on the system before any of the controllers, the controller syncs immediately.

When I bought a new PS3 slim a few months ago everything worked fine. I was able to power on the system with my controllers and they synced perfectly. I swapped my hard drive for a new SSD. The backup and restore went smoothly and everything works fine, but I think my problem started at around this time.

I've tried everything I could think that might help. I have reset the controllers many times, and performed the pairing process using the USB cable in likely every possible combination. I have performed a PS3 file system restore and database rebuild. Nothing fixes my problem. All hardware is brand new and I am the only owner/user.

If I always power on the system first, everything is fine, but this isn't how it used to be, and it is frustrating. Anyone else had this issue?