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In Topic: Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

22 April 2017 - 11:40 PM

OK, I can put the issue to bed. Yes, it shows as $19.99 in video credit, but in reality it's only for the movie you redeemed. You can still use it for that movie after entering the code in elsewhere. So no, this is not a glitch that lets you get $20 amazon video credit and the movie. Damn that would have been awesome though.

In Topic: Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

22 April 2017 - 11:03 PM

I've redeemed two movies for double points. The first time I didn't follow chandler_bong's directions all the way and that's how I stumbled onto the $20 credit. The second time I followed the directions and ended up with an "invisible" credit i.e. only good for that specific movie and not appearing in my account.

The million dollar (or well $20) question is if that credit is actually credit. Have you tried to buy something else with it? Worse case scenario I imagine you can still buy the movie you redeemed it for.


I'm assuming you were still able to redeem the code on DMR to get points and a digital copy as well.


I'm also curious where you redeemed the code? I can't find a generic place to redeem it.

In Topic: Offical Disney Movie Rewards Code Thread

21 April 2017 - 02:55 PM

First of all, thanks for posting this! I just doubled my points on a few recent purchases. Something I would like to add though is if you generate the Amazon code and enter it it into the general code redemption box (i.e. don't click through from DigitalCopyPlus) you'll receive a $20 video credit instead. I found this out by accident when trying to redeem Captain America: Civil War. I wonder if you can then redeem on DMA, get the points, and keep a $20 credit.

Woah, this is potentially interesting news. 


Redeeming the code on Disney Rewards will net you the digital copy usually. Easy to test. Redeem on digital copy plus. Put code in Amazon for general cod redemption then put code in on DMR. Should end up with $20 Amazon video credit and the digital copy based on your notes. 


Which you could in turn use to buy other Disney movies which you'll get points for. haha. 

In Topic: List of all FREE Xbox Live Marketplace content (2.0)

20 April 2017 - 11:46 PM

I'm still getting the Server Error. 

Try clearing your cache/private or incognito window or another browser. Chrome does this to me a lot because of some weird cookies issues with xbox.com and microsoft.com. Firefox never seems to have the issue. 

In Topic: New VUDU disc to digital phone app, just scan barcode, but..

13 April 2017 - 02:46 PM

I've only used VUDU/other codes when they've come with my movies but how does a digital purchase go if you buy a movie from any place like itunes, Amazon, etc when it concerns extras? Like special features, do you get them too or is that the drawback of digital sales, no extras? After years I'm starting to break and considering going all digital in the future sometime but curious how they handle extras/special features when it comes to that. Thinking about it because the idea of having my own home media streaming has recently started to sound more appealing with the way tech has changed in the last few years.

It varies. Vudu often has versions of the digital copies that come with some special features but special features are almost always site specific, i.e. while you may purchase a UV copy of Deadpool from Vudu that you can watch on FandangoNow, Flixter, etc., the special features can only be watched on Vudu. 


I was reluctant to switch to digital for a long time, and there are some drawbacks, but it has allowed me to put together a massive digital library of movies (over 1,300 now) that I would not want cluttering my house. I basically only keep physical copies of movies I absolutely love and want to own (Marvel, Star Wars, etc) and ones that I don't have digital copies for (and digital copies are overly expensive). Since I'm lucky enough to live in a place with fiber optic internet, I get HD quality video when streaming too. 


On Vudu you can easily share access to your UV library too with I think 5 other people. Basically they all have their own Vudu account and log-ins but you all share the same library. This goes so far as if they buy a UV movie on their account you can see it too. I share my library with my dad and a group of friends. I believe you can have up to three streams per UV content as well, even from the same account. 


Vudu also is linked with Disney Movies Anywhere, so your digital copies of Disney movies will also show up on Vudu once linked with DMA, but only your Vudu account can see it (unlike UV movies). 


As far as D2D goes, I basically cleaned out my old DVD collection, all but about a dozen or so, by converting them to digital (back when converting over 10 meant you got them for half price and there was a glitch to get HD copies from DVD's for only $1). 


You can also download UV content which is nice. Any time I fly I usually download a handful of movies to my tablet so I can choose what I want to watch on the plane. 


Just to note, Vudu constantly gives away Vudu credit on DVD's and such in store (by which I mean Walmart). You can find codes usually about half off on eBay too. Just note that there are some limitations on how many codes (with the same first 4 letters) you can redeem.


Oh and for those of you who don't redeem your digital copies, you can usually get $5-$10 per movie (depending on the movie of course) if you sell those off. I do the opposite a lot, buy a movie, redeem the code and sell the disc for a buck or two less than I paid for it to someone who doesn't care about digital.