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In Topic: $10 VUDU Credit on $5 Blu-rays

Yesterday, 10:31 PM

I don't know about Flixter. I think it can only be viewed via VUDU and UV's website. I know I can't access it with CinemaNow.

If you can access movies you get via InstaWatch on another service then that should mean they are UltraViolet. Thanks. Sorry for any confusion by the way, just because a movie is owned on Vudu doesn't mean that it is a UV copy (I have about 5-10 movies that are only visible on Vudu) so I've been wondering about that. 

In Topic: $10 VUDU Credit on $5 Blu-rays

Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Do you mean straight to UV without needing VUDU? Of course not, Walmart owns VUDU.

Though considering UV and VUDU are linked and you need a Walmart account to use Instawatch I don't see the problem.

I mean obviously Vudu is used but is it a Vudu only copy or is it an Ultraviolet copy?  I ask as I have to use Flixster on some devices so if it is Vudu only it isn't as useful.


Plus I share my UV library with like 3 other people so I like to, when possible, make sure the movies I add are available to everyone. 

In Topic: $10 VUDU Credit on $5 Blu-rays

08 February 2016 - 10:42 PM

Anyone able to advise if the instawatch movies are UV movies or are they Vudu only?

In Topic: Ibotta: Get $5 back on $100 in Best Buy purchase(s) (online and/or...

02 January 2016 - 05:13 PM

Great until you get banned. I was dumb and left $70 in the account before thy terminated my account without warning.

Yep, Ibotta will also freeze an account without warning. They did it to me, twice, when I started this thread. I had so many referrals that they assumed I had to be doing something wrong. Had to actually send them a screenshot of my first post to show them why I had so many to unlock my account. Then they did it to me again the next time they had a Best Buy deal and this thread got bumped. lol

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25 December 2015 - 08:31 PM

Even better deal at Target, 5% extra off with Redcard (I know, not much but just saying).


Kind of funny, I told CAG about Ibotta and now someone on CAG is telling me about an Ibotta deal.