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In Topic: Gamefly Service 2012 - My Review

23 May 2012 - 07:23 PM

ummm lets take that say your at a one game Plan and you buy youself GIFT MEMBERSHIPS where you can get 2 months for 20 (10 per month)

120 a year say 130 a year after tax

and you want new 60 buck game.. even if you only got one game a month and you was LUCKY to get half of each game ...

60 x 12 games is 720 bucks - 360 (hell say you get 400 out of the games)

it will cost you 320 bucks to BUY 12 NEW RELEASE GAMES compair to 120 to rent 12 new releases

Ummmm you just save yourself 200 bucks ..

I'm not seeing how you come up with those numbers. According to Gamefly, a 12 month gift subscription is $155.00.

Of course, you are also assuming that Gamefly will always send you a new release game. I'm still waiting for Kingdom of Amular and that game came out months ago. And most games drop quickly from the $60 price.

In Topic: Games do nothing but frustrate me these days

23 May 2012 - 04:16 PM

I think video games are very frustrating, however there are types of games that are not as frustrating. I recommend the Pokemon games, they are least frustrating and probably the easiest video games I have ever played. If you follow a guide you can definitely finish them without any trouble. I also recommend any RPG that is turn based and that you can level up in, those are about the most non-frustrating games you can get. Also I just started playing The Maw on XBLA, and its awesome and non-frustrating.

But please, excuse me if I don't have the reflexes to press a button fast enough or if I miss that jump. I shouldn't have to try a jump 30-40 times before I get it, that is just ridiculous. I shouldn't have to play a level 30-40 times just to beat it. I don't have a sibling or other person in the household either that I can just hand a controller to and have them get over the difficult part for me, I am all on my own. I refuse to play Mario games because I find them the most frustrating out of all video games, basically that and anything with rubberband AI, which is a huge complaint of mine as many of you already know. To continue the rant, I am just really frustrated with Nintendo right now, they basically make their game so you can't win, the only thing they have going for them for me right now is Pokemon. The games have kiddie graphics, but the difficulty is cracked up to 10 out of 10....

I don't know how children play video games, I have watched countless kids throw the controller down in frustration because they can't beat a level, there are really only a few games that are easy enough for kids, IMO, and kids these days just don't have the patience or try to sit and play the same level for 2 hours in order to beat it. I know parents who have had to remove video games from their children because the children became so frustrated with them. I have played many children's video games, and find most of them to be excessively difficult for the age they are designed for. Honestly, a game designed for kids should be excessively easy, with the option to crank up the difficultly if there isn't enough challenge. Kids have to start somewhere. I guess that is why most kids are turning to the iPod touch or their parents old iPhone these days for games, the games are much easier than console games, a lot cheaper and the games are perfect for children with short attention spans. I haven't seen any kid get frustrated at an iPod touch game and all my siblings and relative's kids have iPod touch's and iPad's.

LOL, this was me as a kid in the NES generation. Now those games were brutally hard. Good thing the NES system was built like a tank cuz I constantly threw my controller and slapped the hell out of the machine in anger when I would get so close and fail at a level.

One game that brought out scary rage in me though was Starcraft Online. I would play with random strangers, and become enraged when my great strategy fell to pieces because of one mistake, or people running hacks, or asswipe teamates that would decide to backstab me at the end of the game cheating me out of my win. It would make me so mad that I smashed a keyboard one time. I finally quit the game and decided it wasn't worth it.

In Topic: Games do nothing but frustrate me these days

23 May 2012 - 01:44 PM

It's becoming a serious problem. I get frustrated at almost every game I play to the point of me wanting to give up gaming altogether. I do play Call of Duty and Trials, so obviously those games will frustrate me, but just about any other game does the same so long as I'm not winning or at least doing well.

It's a really annoying problem. I've lost the fun factor. Have any of you ever had this problem?

I haven't reached the point of giving up, but I do understand the frustation level. I really suck at games so I constantly hit a brick wall with games especially if there is a boss fight. It's fun the first few times, but after 20 or more attempts and dying, I quickly hate the game.

The thing that really annoys me is this continued game design where you can't save anywhere, and have to repeat entire sections when you die. One recent example was the damn jet ski level in Binary Domain. You are flying down this tunnel with obstacles coming at you. Hit an obstacle, you die and have to repeat the entire 5 minute sequence. It took me 20 tries to get past this freaking level. I didn't experience joy at completion. I felt relief that I'll never have to play that level again. A game shouldn't make you feel this way.

That's why I enjoy open world RPGS and strategy games the most. If I get stuck on a quest, go do something else and get more powerful. I absolutely love turn based strategy games because every experience is unique. Sadly, they don't make many of these games.

One game that frustrated the hell out of me was the God of War series. Specifically, the part where you had to climb the pillars in Hades. I managed to keep my frustration level down by giving myself 3 tries to beat the level. If I failed, I shut off the game and tried again later, and eventually I got out of Hades! lol

In Topic: Gohastings 30% Used games valid May 22nd only

22 May 2012 - 01:10 PM

I swear, the one game I've held off on buying and waiting for a price drop refuses to budge. lol Kingdom of Amular has been $43 for months on their site. I refuse to cave in. The moment I buy it, the price will drop like a rock. So frustrating.

In Topic: Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [Enhanced Edition], out now!

18 April 2012 - 07:21 PM

You REALLY should just sell your PC if it's that bad, and focus on console gaming or build a new one. Even my $200 netbook can run Civ 4 smoothly.

Really, it's definitely time for a new PC. I've had two BSOD this year and had to reinstall Windows twice. At least Bioshock ran great on it. One of the few successes.