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Gamefly Service 2012 - My Review

23 May 2012 - 02:16 PM

I've been trying out the Gamefly service for the past couple of months thanks to the free month deal posted here awhile back. I planned to cancel after my first month, but Gamefly lured me in with a $13 dollar offer to stay for another month. I've been tempted to stay on for a third month since Gamefly rewards gives you $5.00 credit for each three months of subscription.

The Gamefly rewards does offer some temptation to remain a subscriber. The longer you stay, the more rewards you get like 10% off used games. The service also offers free PC games to download. I gave this service a test drive. It took like three hours to get the client installed, and Disciples 3 downloaded to my PC. It is a full download, not a streaming service like Onlive. I was pleased though that the game ran great on my PC. Unfortunately, even though they advertise 100's of free PC games, most of them are crap unknown titles.

Another issue is cost. Even with the rewards, there is just no value if you look at the yearly cost. I was hoping that two game plan would always keep me playing something. Instead of buying games, I could use the service to play and beat the new releases, and then buy the games used a year later for dirt cheap if I wanted replay value. Yet, the two game plan runs for about $23 a month plus tax and fees. That bumps it up to about $26 for me. At that rate, I would be spending over 300 bucks a year for the service with nothing to show for it. The cost of a year of Gamefly would buy me 5 full priced games. I could buy 15 games priced at $20 for the cost of a year of Gamefly and still recoup some money from reselling or trade-in.

But my biggest gripe is the turnaround time. It's hard to feel like I'm getting value when Gamefly just takes an extremely long time to receive, process and send out games. For example, I mailed back a game on May 14th. They received and mailed me a new game on May 18th. Now it's Wed, and I still don't have the new game, and I am only like 10 hours from the mailing center in Austin. I might as well be on the one game plan, but then I would be spending half of the month just waiting and waiting.

Gamefly's rental service is simply not worth the price. Grade F

Cheap WWE Dvds at Walmart - YMMV

26 March 2012 - 02:11 PM

I was at WM tonite, and saw an endcap that really excited me. A ton of WWE dvds, dirt cheap!

These are two packs priced at $10.00. Most of them had contained a wrestlemania released packaged with a PPV dvd.

I snagged the following:

WM 21/John Cena Word Life
WWE Highest Flyers/ The Bash 2009
WM 25 3 disc/Backlash 2009
WM XIX/Brock Lesnar
WWE Saturday Night Main/Shawn Michaels My Journey

They had a ton of other releases including Rise and Fall of WCW and DX. Pretty much every WM release in the last 10 years.

What Games Were You Playing 10 Years Ago?

03 February 2012 - 05:43 PM

2002 was my golden age of gaming. I was deep into PC gaming, and for the first time, I finally owned a custom built PC with Pentium 4 processor and modded out with neon blue lights. I loved the hell ouf that thing. It was a display model at Compusa and they sold it to me.

For the first time ever, I had a rig that could handle new PC releases with no problem. I bought the game SOF2, and it displayed the game in all its bloody bloody gory. I quickly became addicted to the multiplayer game.

Sadly, I've never been able to reproduce the experience I had in SOF2. I suck so bad at console multiplayer in shooters. I put in countless hours, and memorized the maps. I became an expert at sniping, and it was so much fun to blow someone's head off. I would still play this game today if the community hadn't died out.

But then I discovered BF1942. It provided endless entertainment. I loved the wide variety of battles and sniping Nazis. I logged so much time into these two games that I neglected the other PC releases and ended up with a pretty big PC game backlog.

Alas, times change. I lost my job, moved back home and there went my broadband access. Half Life 2 came out and my PC would barely run it. I got more into console gaming. I built a new PC in 2007, but it was never powerful enough. The lack of strategy games, flood of MOOs and DRM crap turned me off even more. Bioschock was the last game I played to completion on a PC.

I was so excited when BF1943 was announced. I could relive that game again with HD graphics. Sadly, the game was downscaled majorly and they wouldn't release any more maps!! I would have paid in a heart beat for more maps.

The modern stuff never grabbed me. I miss good on BF WW2 era.

Xbox 360 Power Brick Red Light - WTH???

19 January 2012 - 04:37 PM

I starting having a problem with my 360 a few weeks ago, and it makes me worried that it could be on the verge of dying. I noticed the problem when I fell asleep with my 360 powered on. I woke up three hours later, and the machine was off, and my power brick light was red.

Oh shit. I unplugged the brick, and plugged it back in. Orange light and green when turning on Xbox. Whew!

So basically my 360 runs just fine until I leave it on for 3 hours, then it will just power off completely and I get the red light. This happened again to me right in the middle of a game.

Any ideas what could be going wrong? Why is it always after 3 hours? I've been having some weird electricity issues like dimming lights so I wonder if that may be the cause.

Important Info if You Sell on Ebay or Amazon

23 November 2011 - 05:17 PM

Do you sell your unwanted video games and dvds on Ebay or Amazon? Well looks like those days are rapidly coming to an end for small time sellers.

Ebay and Amazon are now forcing sellers to give them their tax identification information or SSN. IF you refuse, Ebay will bann you, and your paypal money is frozen! Amazon suspends your account if you do not comply by the end of Dec.

This is severely going to influence my buying habits since it looks like I'm stuck with whatever I buy for life. I refuse to trade in my games to Gamestop and Amazon for less than 10% of what I originally paid. On Ebay, I could get at least 50% or more. I don't want to do Craigslist because I live in a high crime area and afraid of getting robbed, and of course, paypal is out of the question.

So what are you guys using to get sell your unwanted games and movies?