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Yesterday, 05:56 PM

Surroundead looks interesting but not enough to get me to bite owning much of the other stuff.

Its okay but if its the only thing in the pack that interests you, probably not worth it. I got the deal mostly for Chernobylite and Volcanoids.

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29 January 2023 - 11:46 PM

Anyone played Rimworld DLCS? I did get the game on Fanatical (the base one) and am likely going to play it and get the DLC later if I like the game, but am wondering if the DLCS are worth it sometime.

Definately play the base game and see how you like it. The DLC's aren't needed and I'd recommend learning the base game first. I only own the Royalty dlc which is ok but not something I'd rush to get. The ideology one doesn't interest me as it is just roleplay stuff that makes the game more tedious. The new biotech one gets good reviews but I've not picked it up yet. Maybe in the future if they ever put it on sale. $25 is steep and I've burned out on the game awhile back.


Mods to check out after you've spent some time in game, Dub's Bad Hygiene (adds sanitation, water requirements, much better A/C options), Hospitality mod (lets people come visit and trade more as house guests) and Wall Light. A lot of Dub's other mods add neat stuff to the game. Oh, and Vanilla Fishing Expanded adds fishing into the game.

In Topic: Humble Bundle Thread

27 January 2023 - 09:20 PM

Not a bad deal even though I have Scum and SOD2.

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26 January 2023 - 04:18 AM

Factorio is a pretty good game. I prefer others in the genre like Satisfactory though. Be interesting if the price goes up on Gog and Humble. I was surprised that it actually gets the member discount there given the devs attitudes on price. But even Rimworld goes on sale more often now.

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24 January 2023 - 06:46 PM

If you played Wildlands you are in for a different game...I enjoyed Wildlands, but could not get into Breakpoint.  I think the change to a solo (unless you play online with others) experience lost some of the oomph for me.  I enjoyed having the AI squad in Wildlands.


To be honest its not that different...graphics, gameplay, its just a feeling...maybe I will get back to the game one day (also I played it when it was relatiely new so I can not speak to how updates may have changed it). 


(Wildlands is 8.99 on Fanatical for those interested)

I only ever played in a couple of beta tests but yeah, its more coop or pvp focused with an item level system like the Division games. The worst part was the drone mechanic that if you were spotted almost instantly a bunch of bad guys spawn on you.