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tips and flips > Current Flips

Posted 09 September 2013

Please post current flips below

Join Gamestop Rewards Program
Benefits: 10% Discount on used games

Join Best Buy Gamers Unlocked
Benefits: 10% Bonus Value on Games Traded in (Base Value Only)
Trade Limit of 3 of the Same Title, Per system a Year.

I don't know whether or not to continue this, the best buy trade in tread has turned into the new fli...

tips and flips > Welcome

Posted 09 September 2013

Hello and welcome to tips and flips. I hope we can all work together and share information with each other. I personally have been flipping for about two years now and have made some good money on the side. I am in the military and am serving i San Antonio Texas. I am lucky to have several blockbusters nearby and a good amount of Game stops / Best Buy s...