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In Topic: Best Buy Black Friday 2017

Today, 02:38 PM

How’s ghost recon wildlands?

Great, though repetitive. The open world is massive and it's a lot fun finding all of the collectibles. With all of these new games that just released, I find myself going back to it more often than I thought. Definitely worth checking out if you like third person tactical shooters (although it's pretty easy until you max out your character and trigger the harder difficulty).


Hope this helps!

In Topic: Best Buy Black Friday 2017

Today, 02:27 PM

Was that guy even wearing pants?! CAG is turning into a madhouse. Everyone is voracious for these deals.. Omfg.. I can't get any sleep until Tuesday. I have to stay on the disgaea 5 page and refresh nonstop until it's 19.99 and in stock. I won't miss this. Who even cares about turkey?!

I've never seen such madness for a game. This "Disgaea" game is fun, no?

In Topic: Newegg have Forza 7 on sale for $35.99 with code if you don;t want to wa...

Today, 02:17 PM

Most people will get A LOT more enjoyment out of Horizon 3. Forza 7 is more for racing enthusiasts, Forza Horizon 3 is catered to "car lovers" as it showcases a TON of different vehicles with an arcade format playstyle.


I have both and Horizon 3 is likely the best racer I've ever played. Just my .02.

In Topic: Just Dance 2018 (Xbox One/PS4/Switch) $29.99 @ Amazon

Today, 02:14 PM

It's like 7 of these release a year. $29.99 should be MSRP. Decent deal for those looking. It'll likely be $20 by Januaryish though.

In Topic: Best Buy Black Friday 2017

Today, 02:13 PM

Anyone know how to circumvent the auto-canceled order on BB Site? It is cancelling any and all order I make... :bomb:

A few tips:

1) Keep your order totals at 5 (pending). Any more than that and they'll auto cancel. You can re-order once they've been delivered... at least in past experience.

2) Keep total cart to 15 items or less. Anymore and it will auto-cancel.

3) If all else fails, your billing address has been suspended/banned. Proceed to kill thyself.


Hope this helps!