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In Topic: Titanfall 2 (Xbox One) + Xbox One S White Wireless Controller + Cinch Sac -...

25 October 2016 - 01:26 AM

Damn. I just ordered a custom controller for $79.99. I'd rather have this for $10 more. Seems like a nice desk.

In Topic: My Best Buy Early Access 3 Day Sale: Lego Star Wars Force Awakens (All Plat)

18 October 2016 - 05:12 PM

Thanks OP, been waiting for a decent deal on Deluxe edition. My 8 yr has been wanting to play this together and will love the minifig.

In Topic: 20% off Xbox One S at Monoprice.com

25 August 2016 - 01:33 PM

I got an order in around 4am for the 2TB. No cancellation email but when I log in to check my order it shows cancelled.

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 7/31-8/6: Get $125 toward Xbox One S with XB1/PS4 trade-in

05 August 2016 - 09:26 PM

Traded in two ONEs today at the same BB. Tried to do it 6 hours apart but got the same lady. She didn't say anything about the limit one. She did ask about the controller the first time. I just said the promo doesn't require it. No argument. Got $125 each. Went across the street and traded in the controllers to GS for cash. Now to wait for the 500gb S model.

In Topic: Best Buy Ad 7/31-8/6: Get $125 toward Xbox One S with XB1/PS4 trade-in

04 August 2016 - 09:46 PM

Yes, I'll keep my controllers and probably sell them to GS. I'm assuming the original controllers will work with the new system? Hope so, I have a Elite controller I've yet to open.

I'll just recycle the boxes then. Thanks for the response.