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In Topic: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Permanent Price Drop - $30

13 March 2015 - 03:53 PM

Hey all,


Will answer the questions that are going around.


  • Yes, I work for Best Buy.
  • Yes, I have talked to CheapyD about becoming a confirmed rep. I have not done that as I'm only able to be on here from time to time. Working to get us an official rep here who can be on to answer questions that come up and help solve problems that arise. We value the insight and activity of this community. We have taken MANY suggestions from this community and implemented them to better serve the community.
  • The 20% discount is and will continue to be a major benefit of the program. Can it change? Yes it can. It is right there in the terms and conditions of the program. BUT... companies do not put out press releases about a program they are offering (particularly loyalty program related) and then change the program immediately following that release. Not ones that want to be around for long, anyways.
  • We did extend memberships as stated that we would. While it is possible some were missed as working with systems and databases don't always go as planned, we did our best to take care of anyone who had an issue getting the extension through our Best Buy Unboxed forums. That team is really a great resource for issues such as this and many more problems that unintentionally arise.
  • Yes, Best Buy's financial situation is pretty strong. Google the stock and check for yourself. Those that nerd out on financial stuff will enjoy the read.

All that being said, everyone is free to have their opinions on the program and the company. We'd like to have you buy all your games and electronics from us. We believe our program is quite attractive for gaming enthusiasts but understand it's a decision you need to make for yourself based upon many factors. Your opinion and decision will be made with where you spend your hard earned dollars.


Again, I/we hope you choose BBY and GCU.


Thanks once again to all current GCU members and also welcome all new members to the group!

In Topic: Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked Permanent Price Drop - $30

05 March 2015 - 07:46 PM

Don't mind me, I'm just here to read the comments.


What's up CAG? I see our price change on GCU has stirred some conversation.


The 20% isn't going away folks... would be kind of silly to have a press release go out calling out that benefit and then take it right away, don't you think?


And if you're worried about the company being around, might want to do a quick search on the latest earnings release.


To all of the current GCU members, thank you for your support. For all the new members who come in at the new price, welcome to the club!

In Topic: Best Buy Ads 12/21-12/24 & 12/26-12/27

23 December 2014 - 10:19 PM

Yeah, kind of what I figured. I'm going to have to go back and get it taken care of.
This will be try 3. What a hassle.

Just confirmed. Yep, either go back in and have them process the "redemption and membership activation" instructions on the back of the card. Could also call the customer service line to have them process. Not sure which one will be quicker.


Apologies for the hassle on this. Hoping you get tons of savings from the membership over the next two years. 

In Topic: Best Buy Ads 12/21-12/24 & 12/26-12/27

23 December 2014 - 07:46 PM

Thanks for the lengthy and detailed explanation, certainly helps understand the process. My only question - for the sake of other's on this site - is, have the store associates been educated the same way?


I know I understand the process; but, more often than not the associate at the desk wont let you talk them into doing it "your" way, the obvious reason being that you may be conning them into giving away a candy or something for free.


So, its not enough if *I* understand it, it imperative that they understand the process. Hope I am making sense...

Understand you completely. Yes, you make sense.


Yes, there is training out there for the process but as with many things, it's just one part of all the things they are asked to do in a day. No excuses on that just not easy to have every single associate get every training, especially during holiday. There has been a reminder/clarification sent out on this. Also tried to make the instructions on the actual card easy to understand and follow.


As more are sold, they'll get used to processing the membership transactions and this will go smoother.


As said before, working to get this to a more seamless process but going to take a little time to get there.

In Topic: Best Buy Ads 12/21-12/24 & 12/26-12/27

23 December 2014 - 04:22 PM

My store only had 2 barcodes from what I could see. At checkout the register prompted if it was for myself or another person. Who knows. This is my last shot, if it doesn't work i'll just take the refund and walk away. It shouldn't be this annoying.

Hi all,


Sorry for the confusion on this. It's a new process for the stores and it's a bit confusing as there are essentially two cards/ways to sign up. This was needed to enable purchase of the membership online. System issue that still requires a visit to the store to redeem the card to activate your actual membership.


Long story short, think of the card you are purchasing online as an activated coupon good for a Gamers Club Unlocked membership.


If you purchased online for pick up in store, here's what should happen:


1. When you go to pick up your order, the store should have "activated" the card (meaning the coupon). The pick up/fulfillment of your initial order is the first of two transactions that need to take place. Item sku is 9090667. There are two barcodes on the card, the first one (not covered up by a sticker) is the one that they'll use.


2. After completing the first transaction, the store needs to ring up a second transaction to "sell" you the actual membership. Just need to make sure to have the MyBestBuy account you want your membership to be under first. Then the store just needs to scan the second barcode on the card (the one initially covered up by the sticker). This will put sku 3081375 on your transaction, this is the actual membership item number and sets you up as a Gamers Club Unlocked member. It will ring up at $99.99 but then package down to $0, essentially applying what you paid for in your online transaction toward the membership as a coupon.


3. Your two year membership will start from the date you do the second transaction described above.


4. Make sure to link your bestbuy.com account with this MyBestBuy account so you can use your 20% discount on new games and 10% discount on used games for online orders.


5. Currently this is set up so you can get the discount immediately when you purchase the card online and also on any qualified items when you redeem the card.


6. If buying for yourself, it is much easier to use the single barcode card or just the sku 3081375 to sign up directly in store.


Essentially, the store associate just needs to follow the directions on the card to make this work correctly. Sounds like they are missing the part of needing to do the second transaction, particularly for memberships ordered online for in store pick up.


But again, this is new and rolled out during a pretty busy time of year. Working to make this an easier overall experience to sign up, just not there yet.


Hope the above helps, apologies for the hassle and thank you for your support of the program.