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Yesterday, 05:58 PM

Easy ways to sigificantly reduce health care costs.


1. Tort reform - even going to a loser pays system would significantly reduce costs, particualrly in high risk specialities like obstetrics (the average obstetrician spends 1/3 of his/her income on malpractice premiums).


2. Make uncompensated care tax deductible.  Even allowing me to deduct a fraction (10%) would be welcome.  If I'm providing care to someone who can't pay it back, I don't think it's too much to ask that my time and effort is treated like a charitable donation. 


3. Amend the pre-existing conditions to allow at least an adjustment of premiums for reversible negative health factors like smoking, drug use, obesity. 

I'm absolutely dying to know where you work in/around Boston because:


1. I'd never recommend anyone to go to someone that seems to have questionable bedside manner when treating someone based on their ability to pay. Believe me, you can't tell by the way they talk or dress.


2. Because you make it sound like you're in the poor house.


3. You seem to have no idea how biling is done in your particular practice or at large.

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19 January 2017 - 08:18 PM

Haven't checked if with this thread in ages but glad to see potty training is being discussed. My son turns 3 next month and we just had a baby last month. I would really like to start potty training mainly because changing two sets up diapers is getting old real quick. He's so big now that changing tables out in public barely hold him.

But we just seem to busy to really try to tackle the task of training, due to more focus on the newborn. But I think he might be ready. I make him watch me pee in the toilet, which sounds crazy but I read it online and he finds it fascinating lol. He has one of those plastic playhouses in his play room that he runs into to poop. He doesn't even play in the house...just poop. So that tells me his #2s are planned.

He does however leak out of his diaper a few nights a week, despite me trying to limit his evening water intake (very little 1 hour prior to bed)

So I guess we just need to buckle down and do it. I just need to remind myself not to get stressed if it doesn't work right away.

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Congrats on your newborn!


We let our daughter watch too(I'll sit) and sometimes she'll take off her diaper and sit on the potty next to us. Sometimes she'll even break out the toddler adapter for the regular toilet after we're done and want to flush the toilet herself. One of these days, maybe she'll even do #1 or #2 before flushing. Chances are that we'll just use a weekend to hopefully get her trained by the time the second one arrives. I ain't about that 2 diaper life either...haha

In Topic: Final Fantasy XV E3 2013 Trailer & Gameplay Demo (Used to be FFVSXIII)

19 January 2017 - 05:08 PM

Finished the story last night and despite a few things being telegraphed(it's an FF game afterall), it still left me a bit somber at the end eventhough Chapter 9 didn't really hit me that hard.


The only things left on the platinum are the skills, flying car, and adamantoise and I'm not sure if I want to grind out another 10-15 hours on the game.

In Topic: Power Rangers (2017 Release) aka Guvyer Meets Chronicle

19 January 2017 - 04:51 PM

I can really appreciate the fact that it looks like they're using a lot of wire-work as opposed to cg-ing everything despite how hokey some of it looks. The Goldar toy makes a lot more sense now too.

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13 January 2017 - 08:15 PM

Can anyone recommend an Android tablet under $200 Canadian (about $150 USD) that is ideal for reading comics and manga?

Personally, I use an Xperia Z tablet with the Perfect Viewer app. Light weight, great screen, large enough so that I can view an entire page(10.1 inches off the top of my head), AND water resistant. It's slim pickings at that price point unless you're looking at much smaller screen.