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In Topic: My most anticipated console game confirmed:

06 April 2018 - 12:19 AM

You're wrong, it's Knack 3.

You spelled Devil May Cry V wrong

In Topic: Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

03 April 2018 - 10:56 PM

Which is why I made the point that Republicans are having low turnout, which is what has happened in the special elections. If the 2nd amendment feels like it's under attack, it will get republicans to show up and vote.

Midterm elections are always a game of which party can get ppl to show up. Historically the party w the Executive branch loses 24 house seats in the first midterm election. It will be curious to see if this one is around that same number or more or less.

Conservatives can't even get their asses out for highly competitive races and when more people vote, voter lean democratic, which is why red states try to restrict voting rights. This isn't news and I don't know why you're pretending to be neutral.


Why is it masculinity or penis size always brought up when firearms are talked about? Isn't that kind of sexist on your part? what about women who owns or shots firearms? Do you compare their tits size to what firearm they use? What about the mentally ill, who don't conform to male/female? What would you use to compare them with?

That's a weak deflection because I'm specifically talking about you. What part of "I find it funny that a bunch of teens got YOU so worked up" do you not understand? Are you an adult male? Do you even give a shit about sexism? Probably not from your next sentence. Obviously you don't care about the mentally ill either when you think non-conforming is a mental illness, so get the Fuck outta here with that bullshit. You ain't fooling anyone.

In Topic: Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

03 April 2018 - 01:04 PM

I find it funny that the school decided to have student id and clear backpacks. The little twits are crying that it's a violation of thier 1st amendment right but have no trouble trying to violate my 2nd amendment right.

I find it funny that a bunch of teens got you so worked up. They must be doing something right if they're making grown men throw hissy fits and call them names. Then again, I don't have any attachments to inanimate objects that I tie my masculinity to. 

In Topic: Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

02 April 2018 - 10:34 PM

David Hogg is a little  Fuck . He is using dead classmates who he doesn't even know for his 15 mins of fame.



Emma Gonzalez is a little  Fuck as well, she has came out saying she and her friends knew the shooter, that they would bully him in school.

Sounds like someone's feeling impotent.


I'm fine w them. I feel bad for them if anything, all there Revolution talk to give more power to the Govt will increase republican turnout. It might not be enough to offset the damage passing an anti conservative omnibus package just did but it will help. I hope David Hogg is on tv everyday til November pounding his fist and screaming revolution. We need something to increase conservative turnout this year.

You haven't been paying attention to the special elections, have you.

In Topic: Toys"R"Us TRU YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

16 March 2018 - 12:56 PM

I know this is not the venue to discuss or debate politics and economics, but suffice to say, this is patent nonsense. TRU was up to their ears in debt and on the brink of bankruptcy in 2005 before the leveraged buyout occurred. If that hadn’t happened we would have been having thread 13 years ago rather than today. The buyout at least allowed investors to breathe a little more life back into the company before the realities of the retail market caught up with them. Vulture capitalism didn’t kill Toys R Us, poor leadership and a failure to adapt to the changing trends in shopping did.

You're going to need a citation for this bs. You know that there are actual records of their financials, right?


How the hell do you expect a company to adapt when all of their revenue was used to pay off the leveraged debt?


Better off giving hot takes because reading is too hard I guess. I never let facts get in the way of a nice hot take either.