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#14252262 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by dohdough on 03 January 2020 - 04:53 PM

I’m not saying don’t go for it, but that it’s not going to work for everyone since my JD called the support line to confirm what the order was.  It’s obviously worth a try and if it fails, go to another store.

#14251990 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by dohdough on 02 January 2020 - 11:00 PM

Got overcharged on a order according to the packing slips and tried to do a return. The slips add up to b3g1. JD called a manager AND their support line to make sure I wasn't scamming because the invoices had 2 different invoice numbers with the difference being an additional number on the end of one(12345 vs 123456). I understand he's just doing his job, but dude, that $15 of mine you're trying to keep isn't going into your pocket and the company doesn't really give a shit about you.


I even showed him the order on my phone through the app. Wasted my time when he could've just processed the return from the get go. I can't wait to be done with the company once I cash out my rewards points. JD even kept the invoices and said I wouldn't be getting them back. LOLZ ok

#13975676 Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

Posted by dohdough on 03 April 2018 - 01:04 PM

I find it funny that the school decided to have student id and clear backpacks. The little twits are crying that it's a violation of thier 1st amendment right but have no trouble trying to violate my 2nd amendment right.

I find it funny that a bunch of teens got you so worked up. They must be doing something right if they're making grown men throw hissy fits and call them names. Then again, I don't have any attachments to inanimate objects that I tie my masculinity to. 

#13964090 Toys"R"Us TRU YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by dohdough on 15 March 2018 - 12:28 AM

You answered your own question without realizing it. It's cool when you reminiscence, but when it comes down to it, cost wins most of the time, and convenience. So in the end even people like you who want to go won't go, naturally a big B&M store can't survive on people's hopes and wishes.


I just spent all my gift cards on TRU exclusive Paw Patrol toys.

This is irrelevant when the company was and is actually profitable outside of the debt that was needlessly incurred from the leveraged buyout by Bain Capital and it's partners over 10 years ago.

#13963614 Toys"R"Us TRU YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by dohdough on 14 March 2018 - 01:33 PM

Toys r Us didn't fail because of consumers. It failed to remain competitive. We're at a point where income has barely went up for most lower to middle class families and they're not only charging more than most online stores, they're charging more than most brick and mortar stores too. The people that own it also made extremely risky decisions that bit them in the ass. Things like Amazon didn't bring about their downfall. TRU knew it was something unique and used that to push higher prices, so in the end people just went elsewhere. If memory serves right they also destroyed any direct competition so they wouldn't have to be competitive in the first place (KB Toys).

They shit the bed and now have to sleep in it. That's on no one but them.

I'm sure you don't realize that Bain Capital was key player in the deliberate destruction of KB Toys and then TRU. But hey, that's hot takes for you.

#13960489 Toys"R"Us TRU YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I

Posted by dohdough on 09 March 2018 - 11:43 AM

I think they have to. What is anyone's reason to go to Toys R Us when everything is higher there?

Oh I don't know....maybe because their selection beats out every other store out there? The ability to see and test out baby furniture and equipment? There are countless reasons to go. With your logic, why not close all b&m stores!

#13958037 Hot Topic: What Should Be Done About Guns?

Posted by dohdough on 05 March 2018 - 01:47 AM

Yes, but he also shot mostly white students/teachers, like he was crazy or something.

Yeah, like Nazi's never went after other white people. LOLZ...you're so full of it. There's no eye-roll big enough.


He might be crazy, but it's not like he was reppin for Malcom X or the ISIS. If he were, he would've been labelled a terrorist or black nationalist.

#13912895 The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

Posted by dohdough on 23 December 2017 - 02:48 PM

Let the trickle down begin:


AT&T announces $1,000 bonus for 200,000 workers.


Comcast also announces $1,000 bonus for 100,000 workers and pledges $50 billion over five years for infrastructure investment adding thousands of jobs


Boeing pledges $300 million investment in worker training, facility upgrades, and matching of worker charitable contributions


Fifth Corp Bancorp announces raising minimum wage to $15/hour (something Democrats have prioritized) and $1,000 bonus to 13,500 workers


Wells Fargo also announces raising minimum wage to $15/hour and commits to charitable giving of $400 million.

One time bonuses mean shit, the companies stand to make more back after deductions, plans like these aren't made because of a sudden change in the tax code, and changes to minimum wage aren't made at the drop of the hat either. This is just one huge PR push. But hey, better to get an extra $20 a week for a few years while gutting the social safety net and paying more than $20 a week in increased insurance premiums, of which you've demonstrating absolutely no understanding of.


Thanks for playing.

#13860714 NeoGAF dead? Owner is a scumbag?

Posted by dohdough on 26 October 2017 - 12:30 AM

I watched the entire community implode Monday night. It was a beautiful train wreak I couldn't look away from. So many users suicide posting asking to be perma-banned and calling out Malka. He posted some message for damage control but a lot of users didn't buy it.


GAF is a tough crowd so I'm pretty cautious about what I post. Those guys are vicious and love to dogpile so they're having a field day with this shit. It's pretty sad since the site was always a great source for gaming info and rumors. Plus the community was entertaining and always a great place to kill time at work. I'll stay on there for now but I don't expect it to be the same GAF as usual.


As for Malka he was drunk and did something extremely dumb and inappropriate several years ago. I don't think it warranted a #metoo hashtag. it's silly to bail on a forum over something like that.

Uhhh..the girl was drunk to the point of puking and wanted to clean herself up. It's beyond dumb and unless you're looking to sexually assault someone, you wouldn't be stripping down and trying to get some from someone in that condition. Call me a prude, but that's just me.


It's not like he denied it.


edit: All the gaffers that created the OT's are on resetera now anyways.

#13843602 SNES Classic Discussion Thread

Posted by dohdough on 30 September 2017 - 12:10 PM

I felt badly for the guy who said he'd been lined up at Target since 3:45 AM when I casually showed up at 7:40 AM and got ticket 31/44.  They sold them from Customer Service with five registers running, and I was out of the store and back in my car by 8:10 AM.  It was ridiculous how easy that was.

I wouldn't. He took the gamble that it might be hard and you didn't. You both won because you guys got what you wanted at the end. Happy endings for everyone!


Except for those with amazon preorders...

#13818062 Looking for the "Stay Classy" Democrats thread...

Posted by dohdough on 27 August 2017 - 06:20 PM

All those conservatives you named support the same shit as Trump. The only difference is that they filter it better, hence the "he's(Trump) not a polished politician" that came out of Pence's mouth at the debate. That's not a repudiation of what Trump campaigned on.


If you voted for Trump, you've thrown your lot in with Nazi's and their compatriots. At least be honest enough with yourself to own it. Conservatives, anti-choicers, and police are more concerned with order than justice, so when the police in Charlottesville decided that it's better to allow white supremacists to attack counter protesters in front of their faces, much less in the garage at their own fucking headquarters, I'd say that it's less about attacking anyone without having the same "leftist views."


Trump is a racist asshole that didn't hide it and that's what people wanted as the President of the United States. People like you enabled that. If you don't like being labeled as part of that group, tough fucking luck Mr. Constitutional Conservative.


Ben Shapiro can get fucked and if you want to drone on about ignorance, anti-facists wouldn't be showing up to his speech if he wasn't a facist or if facists weren't showing up.

#13817951 Looking for the "Stay Classy" Democrats thread...

Posted by dohdough on 27 August 2017 - 01:34 PM

I never thought I'd lived to see the day when someone on Vs. would be caping for Nazi's...


I thought CAG was better than Neogaf.

#13789646 Walmart email canceling SNES classic preorder

Posted by dohdough on 26 July 2017 - 11:00 PM

Got the updated preorder release date email. Hopefully I'm good.


#13789584 SNES Classic Discussion Thread

Posted by dohdough on 26 July 2017 - 10:02 PM

No one snagged any. Preorders were cancelled.

#13787760 SNES Classic Discussion Thread

Posted by dohdough on 25 July 2017 - 12:20 AM

I'm absolutely amazed at how so many people don't understand account holds on preorders when preordering is so prevalent in this hobby.