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Will my wife's feet melt?

30 April 2015 - 03:31 AM

As we speak my wife is using a Japanese foot peel product with the somewhat unsettling name of "Baby Feet." (I asked her how many baby feet are used in each package). The poorly translated instructions for this product -- that is literally PLASTIC FOOT BAGS FILLED WITH ACID -- are both epic and woefully inadequate. An excerpt (in a passage describing the five different types of types of peeling results:


ZURUMUKE means peeling like molting of the animal. It is like a horror film so that you do not feel showing it to anybody. However, because it totally depends on how much dead skin is accumulated on foot, there is a case when peeling at the 2nd time is not radical as the 1st time at ZURUMUKE. It does not mean nothing happens but it is the proof that foot has less dead skin. Let's use Baby Foot once in 2 or 3 months and keep foot soft as Baby's all the time.

So best we can determine, first you soak the feet for about 30 mins. Then it's time for the ACID BAGS, y'all. For TWO HOURS. And that is where we're at (about an hour in). More to come...

Topps Star Wars Card Trader (iOS collecting app/game)

28 March 2015 - 02:02 AM

Anybody else addicted to this? Would love to befriend/trade with other CAGs and share tips for getting cheap points.




My username there is CEYDONVESS.

Next step with a dead Xbox 360?

20 March 2015 - 02:34 PM

Hey guys,


So with twin toddlers running around I haven't had much time to game lately, but last weekend it looked like I might finally be able to start back in on backlog I haven't touched in at least 2 years. So I fired up the trusty Xbox 360 Elite and probably shouldn't have been surprised to get the RROD. Tried all of the diagnostic stuff to confirm it's truly borked and not the power supply or anything. It's served me well for at least 8 years, many years past the time most people were lamenting their own red rings, so I'm not exactly bitter.


I'm not really interested in upgrading to an Xbox One a this point since most of the stuff I want to play is 360 disc-based stuff or XBLA games that I've already purchased, and without backwards compatibility that's a non-starter (pun slightly intended).


So I guess I'm looking for the best means of replacing a 360 and transferring my current data over. Going through Microsoft customer service, they want $185 to replace it (though they don't say with what -- another Elite, which would be stupid, or the most recent redesign).


I saw Cowboom is offering used 250gb slim models for $80 today, and about to bite on that. Any reason I should be considering the more recent redesign? I haven't been following things closely and have no idea what the difference is other than cosmetic.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.