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In Topic: NBA Discussion Thread

23 August 2017 - 12:53 PM

I think the Cavs did about as well as they could have. It's certainly more than the Pacers got for George. 

More than the Bulls got for Butler, too.


I'm not a fan of IT3, but I like the Cleveland side. Crowder is a solid defender and has turned into an above average shooter, plus his contract might be the best in the NBA. IT3 is awful defensively, but Kyrie wasn't much better, and IT3 is more efficient and less prone to iso ball. Zizic is a wild card, and the Brooklyn pick gives Cleveland either a future asset or a trade chip (HOT TAKE: Love/Shumpert/Brooklyn 1st for AD?).


One huge caveat is that Brad Stevens is a far better coach than Ty Lue, and Stevens constructed an offense that utilized IT3 to his max ability.

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

02 August 2017 - 10:35 PM

Just beat Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and... it was all right? It's bad for a Tales game, certainly, and I have issues with some parts (the implementation of the monster recruitment system, the too-heavy use of guest party members, a bunch of typos, a few bugs), but it wasn't as awful as I'd heard. The story was half-decent, only truly becoming nonsensical at the end, and the skits and other little bits of character interaction were about as well-written as in the rest of the series. Seeing characters and places from the first Symphonia was nifty in a nostalgic way; Regal was especially awesome in this one considering that I didn't really care much for him before.

Then again, I'm not a super hardcore Tales fan, so maybe I'm being generous :razz:

Not sure what I'll play next; currently leaning towards either Nier or 3D Dot Game Heroes.

3D Dot Game Heroes was well-executed, but I've played Mass Effect 3 and now FFX-2 without returning to 3D. I guess TellTale GoT counts as a game, too. Again, well made, but I mostly wanted to play Zelda when I'd shut off 3D.


I should mention, though, that editing your character's appearance so that it is the word 'poop' was one of the most satisfying experiences I've ever had in gaming. And possibly life.

In Topic: CAGcast #505: Nerds to the Core

15 July 2017 - 01:07 PM

The gambit system (automated commands) was present in the original release of FF12; in fact, it was the default and preferred method of battle. The 4X speed and the licensing board are the biggest changes in 12. In the original, you could unlock accessories, gear, and spells from other characters' areas of the license board, fairly similarly to FF10. In the FF12 remaster, you have to choose a class, and that's all you get. You'll eventually get a choose a second class to unlock at some point later in the game.

In Topic: CAG MLB Season Discussion

11 July 2017 - 02:50 PM

I was dead wrong on not liking the Freeman extension in 2014. Barring serious injuries, he'll add plenty of surplus in value to the deal. I thought the Braves would break about even, and thus thought it unnecessary to extend him, but he may even double the total dollar amount of the deal in production, easily making paying him over his early arb years worth it.

In Topic: RPG Thread XX has over 100 hours of gameplay

27 June 2017 - 01:58 AM

...I played an hour of FFX-2 before I put it down to never touch it again. I really hated the cast of X and the gameplay changes, plus the intro to the game just turned me off. I may try it again at some point. Maybe. Probably not.


I wrote this in another thread but since everybody here doesn't check that one, here's some thoughts on Ever Oasis:



Liked for the X-2 comments. It's horrific. Still playing it, though!