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In Topic: My landlord is insane

02 February 2013 - 04:17 PM

^ How do you know it is sewage? Did you taste it?

Seriously though my sink backs up sometimes due to problems with the garbage disposer and although it looks similar in color to what was in your tub I can promise you it isn't sewage.

The smell. Health Department also confirmed it to be sewage. It's not really something that 'backs up' really either. I'll just be on the computer, hear a bubbling sound, go look in the bathroom, and it's filling up with sewage. So yea.

In Topic: My landlord is insane

02 February 2013 - 03:43 PM

Why wouldn't you make that clear to the landlady then when she's accusingly staring at you saying they found baby wipes down the drain?

I don't think the best way to get a situation fixed it to tell someone, 'Hey, maybe this is your fault?' Like I've said, my demeanor started out very friendly, and just wanting to get the problem fixed.

On that note, I'm pretty sure they aren't accusing me of flushing the wipes down the drain. Why would I do something like that if it was causing sewage to fill my tub? The times where the plumber has come out and they snaked the line, he's informed me that it was baby wipes. At this point, we both told the landlord and stated that maybe he should write a letter to the entire building stating which (obvious) things not to flush down the toilet, as it's causing major problems.

He dismissed the idea without thinking twice about it.

They are just lazy, scumbag landlords who don't want to do their job or spend any money. Since I contacted the health department, who FORCED them to spend money and do work, they are naturally angry with me. Much like what the people at the Housing Department told me on the phone, 'Well, that's too bad for them.'

They can not like me all they want. I just want my bathroom working properly without living in constant fear the sewage could fill it at any point.

In Topic: My landlord is insane

01 February 2013 - 10:32 PM

But seriously even if you're in the right act like an adult.

That's the plan from here on out. He was attempting to push my buttons to make me do something stupid. I yelled a bit, and have since calmed down and come up with a plan.

What does this exactely mean?

"At this point I tell him I'm going to shut him down."

By this, I mean I am going to either get him fired as landlord, or have the building condemned.

So you put baby wipes down the drain and expect the landlord to be ok with that?

I never said I flushed baby wipes down the drain. I don't use baby wipes at all. They do, though. Naturally, the problem starting really getting bad once they had a baby.

In fact, I'm one of the few tenants that pays rent on time. I am quiet and don't complain about much... unless my tub is filled with sewage. I've contacted the Housing Department, Health Department, and Department of Consumer Affairs so far and they are all on my side thus far.
Oh, and just in case you might think I'm overreacting about the sewage, here's a picture:
If someone can let me know how to use Spoiler tags I can put it in that, because it's showing up rather large.

This can happen at any point. And the times that they have 'fixed it,' they left it for me to clean up. Please, imagine this happening to you.

In Topic: My landlord is insane

01 February 2013 - 02:57 PM

Sounds like everyone involved here acted in a less-than-adult manner.

Never stated this wasn't the case... I'm not the proudest of how I acted, but it certainly could have wound up worse. While I was very nice at the outset of both the conversation with him and his wife, I absolutely ramped up my aggression level when provoked. Don't get me wrong in thinking that I think I handled it perfectly, because I didn't. I should have ended the conversation by slamming the door in his face when I posed the question; 'How would you like having a door slammed in your face?'

After thinking about it more over night, I'm pretty sure he's just trying to provoke me to hit him or something so that he could get me arrested. Based on many of the other tenants in the building, it looks like he is used to dealing with scum, but can't cope with someone using the law to their advantage.

It's already on record with the health department that they refused to fix the sewage problem for days on end, and that they demanded that they put a camera down the line yesterday. Since they refused to show me the work order, I'm just going to have to contact the housing department and inform them of the situation, and let them handle it.

Of course I'll be finding a new place to live, as well.

In Topic: My landlord is insane

01 February 2013 - 06:17 AM

I actually cursed after she slammed the door in my face. So if you want to get technical, I cursed at the door. As an aside, she was initially aggressive with me when I knocked on the door in the first place.
Regardless, I'm pretty sure the landlord is supposed to act professional, not use terms like 'I'm the manager, I can do whatever I want.'

This all stemmed from the fact that I've had RAW SEWAGE filling my bathtub for no reason, and they ignore me when I knock on their door.
4 times. In 3 weeks.