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My landlord is insane

01 February 2013 - 05:04 AM

I never post here, but this is just too unreal not to share. Just a copy paste from my facebook immediately after it happened, so the grammar and everything might not be perfect.

So my landlord just came to my door, very aggressively, and was telling me that I should get the Fuck out.
For some backstory, 4 times in the past 3 weeks my tub has just randomly filled with raw sewage. Most of the times they fixed it within a couple of hours... the last 2 times, they didn't, so I called the health department. The landlord stated that today they were going to put a camera down the pipes to see wtf is going on. So when I get home from work today, I knock on the door. His wife answers and asks 'What?' I respond with 'Hey, I was wondering if you guys found anything in there today?' Very quickly and short, she replied 'Baby wipes.' She seemed a bit mad at me, so I asked if her husband was home. She said no, and I mentioned that his car was outside. She started going off about how I'm calling her a liar and slammed the door in my face. Naturally, I said aloud to the slammed door 'stupid bitch ass cunt' and went on with my day.
So the landlord telling me to get the Fuck out. Basically he knocked on the door and asked 'you were looking for me?' I reply, 'yea, i was wondering if you guys found anything in the pipes today.' His response was that I was cursing at his wife. Taken aback a bit, I admitted that I did, once she slammed the door in my face. He states that I indirectly called her a liar, and that he would have slammed the door in my face too. At this point, I pick my aggression up a bit, because he's pissed me off. I ask 'how would you like it is someone slammed a door in your face?' and he starts screaming at me to get the Fuck out and how i cursed at his wife and repeating the same things.
So I try to explain that his wife ignored me for 5 hours, and that was why I called the health department, but he kept interrupting me and not letting me speak, saying he was the manager and that he could do what he wants. So I scream and tell him to shut up and let me speak, and he calls me an idiot.
At this point I tell him I'm going to shut him down. He tells me to go ahead and do it. Stare down occurs. I tell him to have a good night. He says you too. Then he walks away, mumbling how i'm a 'dummyhead'. His wife comes out and starts saying how i'm a dummyhead and to get my life back together.

Hooooooly Fuck. wtf? Anybody actually read this?