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Blog CaptainJoel > Where should Namco get the exclusive characters for Soul Calibur 5?

Posted 29 June 2011

Namco Bandai have already pulled from the Image, Zelda, Tekken, and Star Wars universes, where should they go to get the exclusive characters we'll no doubt see in Soul Calibur 5?

Personally, I think that the only thing that could possibly top my surprise at seeing Darth Vader and Yoda would be seeing Lady Gaga facing off against Kilik or Hwang.


Blog CaptainJoel > Captain Joel and the Last Angel of Clarksvegas

Posted 22 April 2011

This is all part of a dream I had last night, I had to get it down on "paper". So here it goes!
It’s Wednesday.

I’m slow to wake, when the sense finally come to all I can smell is the

I stumble out of the living room and into the small kitchen in my cramped

The macaroni and cheese? Oh yeah, I...

Blog CaptainJoel > What do you do when a friend refuses to speak to you?

Posted 19 January 2010

Problem: fixed.

Blog CaptainJoel > Youtube Success!

Posted 08 January 2010

Okay, so I see the thing near the post now button that says blogs are not to be used as referrals, so I dont' know if I should post a link to my Youtube channel or not.. But okay, onto the story. Back in my senior year of high school I was in the tv production class and I was the stereotypical nerd of the group... Meaning I was the one to do voiceovers an...

Blog CaptainJoel > Favorite Energy Drinks

Posted 01 January 2010

Being a guy that usually studies more at night than day I've been a firm user of Energy Drinks for a while now. My favorites are the blue and green Amp and I can chug one of the tall boys in pretty much no time flat now.

I've been drinking them since Junior year in High School so I've kind of made myself into an authority on them by getting myself to tr...