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In Topic: F.Y.E Eliminating Video Games - Used Games 25% off in-store, YMMV...

12 April 2015 - 05:19 AM

Interestingly my FYE in New Hartford, NY is sandwiched between a DEB store that went out of business after Christmas, a Sears which is going out of business in July and it's directly across from a Radioshack which went out of business a couple weeks ago.  They'll be alone down that hallway pretty soon, if not out of business themselves.


Game wise, they still had PSP, GBA and PS2 games.  They really don't try hard to dump old inventory it seems.  Sadly they still had the same buy one get one for 50% off sale on the games that I saw last month.  I didn't see anything that was worth buying even if it was one off for 25%.  Most everything is priced insanely.  I was sorta interested in Bravely Default but it would only be down to $30 which isn't that big of a savings.   


I did get a pair of import $1 cds that probably no one else but myself would want wanted. Steps "Buzz" and a random Stray Cats sessions budget release.  Also I got a 3 album CD pack of Hall & Oates for $2.50.