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Save $120 on various Xbox One bundles + Red Dead II Redemption II + 3 months Xbox...

27 October 2018 - 09:25 PM

$264.97 + tax (if applicable in your state) on Best Buy website with in-store pickup.

I picked up 2 sets at $252.97 + NJ tax each since I still have their Gamer Club membership which is no longer offered.

Just add all of the items to the cart and the discount should show. In store pickup is free but your local store's inventory will determine if you can pick up today or if they have to ship any of the items to the store first.

So this could be potentially super good depending on your situation. For instance, in my case, I paid $536.36 including PA tax for two of these X1S bundles. I can trade a system in to GameStop toward the X1X and a copy of RDR2 to get $250 trade credit with the promo (see other thread) bringing it down to $210). Then I can return the the X1X and game to get the $250 credit and $210 + tax back from GameStop. Then I can trade in the other X1S using GameStop's same promos again and get another $250 credit towards the X1X and RDR2. So now I have a total of $500 credit which I use to purchase the X1X and RDR2 and I still have $40 credit left over.

If you follow, I end up only spending $536.36 and get an X1X and RDR2 from GameStop, still have $40 credit at GameStop left over, I have two more copies of RDR2 and 6 months total of XBox Live from Best Buy, I get to keep the digital game codes from the Best Buy bundles and any digital codes from the GameStop purchases, the various Duracell batteries that were in the same, and all the reward points from Best Buy Rewards and GameStop Power Up rewards.

The X1X trade at GS is only good through 10/28 so you'd have to bounce around a bit and do it fast and you'd have to have a Best Buy that has everything in stock. But if you don't mind the work, it's a killer deal. Better than BF I'm sure.


12 October 2018 - 10:55 PM

I always take my video game chaff to them during these types of deals. As long as it's not old sports games, they'll usually take most of it. They will pay little cash but offer up decent credit as long as the games are complete and in good shape. DS games and the like can be cartridge only.

I don't recommend you try to trade anything of even moderate value because it will be a waste of time, but for anyone that can fill a box full of Dora The Explorer, SSX, Army Men, True Crime, etc, you might find that you can get a decent chunk of credit to use on good stuff.

In my experience, I usually bring in a box and they take what they will and give around $80-140 credit. You can often score good stuff if you look hard enough. Got a new copy of Painkiller PS3 for $15 about a year ago and a copy of Dark Heresy II core rulebook for $60. Don't know anything about that live roleplay stuff but the book regularly goes for over $100 on eBay and is usually OOS even 3rd party on Amazon.