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#14427383 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 08 October 2021 - 04:17 PM

To those trying to secure Metroid SE. You cannot add it to your cart, however, if you go on mobile and check out with Apple Pay the order will go through. You will get email and everything. Whether it gets cancelled is TBD rn.

Nice! Paid with credit card and took a screenshot (always gotta take a screenshot when shopping online, if the retailer decides to screw you and say they didn't receive your order).

#14427062 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 07 October 2021 - 09:53 PM

Dude you've been posting for weeks about trying to sell your PS4 Pro locally instead of just trading it in for marginally less... and you're seriously asking this? Lol

He does this in every thread, advocating that people sell their consoles instead of trading them in. I understand that sentiment SOMETIMES, but this GS trade promo is about as good as it gets. I would say the possibility of selling a console at a 10% premium locally isn't worth it, what with all the morons you will have to deal with between when you post the console and when you finally sell it (if you are lucky enough to sell it).


Looking on craigslist or facebook marketplace, there is an over-abundance of consoles (X1X, X1S, X1, PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim, PS4, Switch, etc) being sold for roughly the same amount that is being offered by trading it into GS. I HIGHLY doubt it's going to be as easy as Freeze Time makes it out to be, but maybe he is just a glutton for punishment.

#14426187 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 05 October 2021 - 06:35 AM



How are yall getting the Xbox 360 controllers in? Been to two stores and neither could accept. One associate showed it didnt show up in the system.

Tell the associate to look it up using "911". Seriously, apparently Xbox 360 controllers (and possibly other controllers) are under that designation.


#14425953 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 04 October 2021 - 05:35 AM

So controllers don't need to be traded in bundles of 5 to get the 50% bonus, right? I can trade in 4 Dualshock4s and two sets of joy cons and I'm good?
I actually have 5 dualshock 4s but isn't the limit 4 of any one thing? They're not all the same color.

Would the ban just be from trading or do they nuke your whole account? I rarely trade in anything.

No limit on the number of controllers to get the 50% bonus. I traded in one Xbox One controller and got the bonus.

Also, yeah the limit is 4 controllers of the same type (NOT color).

#14424416 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 28 September 2021 - 06:06 PM

Has anyone tried trading in Wii/WiiU/PS3/360 games with the 5+ promo? I'm wondering if anything beyond current/next gen and 3DS count.

Traded a couple PS3 and Xbox 360 games the other day, and got the bonus.

Like Davem mentioned, make sure you trade in stuff in pairs of 5 (i.e. 5, 10, 15, etc.) as otherwise you won't maximize how much TIC you get back.

Everything with a trade-in value (360, PS3, Wii/U, DS, 3DS, etc) should get the 50% + 10% pro if you trade in sets of 5. If you trade davem :

7, 12, 17, 22, 27, etc games = 2 will only get+10% pro
8, 13, 18, 23, 28, etc games = 3 will only get 30%+10% pro
9, 14, 19, 24, 29, etc games = 4 will only get 40%+10 pro

#14423565 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 24 September 2021 - 09:57 PM

Is there a place to share these? Maybe a Google Sheets that gets updated everyday?

Last guy that did that ruffled CheapyD's feathers.

That and unfortunately you get bad apples that ruin it for everybody else.

#14423436 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 24 September 2021 - 07:44 AM

Well, first it comes off as spamming when you keep posting the same thing week after week. Second, if you've been holding a stack of games that long since the last $5 bonus then they've most likely gone down at least $5 in trade in value by then. I don't see the point of doing this. It made sense when they used to give $5 extra on games that were at least $2 or more but since they've basically changed that it's not really worth getting excited like it used to be. Not to mention with so many PS5 and Series X games being so disappointing or mediocre I'd rather just hold on to the older games at this point instead of getting rid of them for basically nothing just in case I want to replay them years later and they'll be more expensive to buy or in worse condition.

Knows about $2 minimum on "$5 extra TIC" promo, which hasn't been a thing for quite a while, but joined less than 2 weeks ago.


Hmm, I wonder who this alt account belongs to?

#14422859 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 21 September 2021 - 10:46 PM

Yeah but we're talking about scalper prices on LRG on resale sites. He said the prices for the LRG versions of these are $100 or so. I don't understand the demand there if these people had weeks to pre-order. It's not like these games were released 5 years ago. They were just released last year.

You're assuming that they knew the games released. Maybe they did, but most likely they didnt.

How can you be aware of something that doesn't come into your periphery? The longer something is out, the more exposure it gets, the higher the likelihood somebody who wasn't aware it had been released sees it. As a result demand increases and prices increase if the game is no longer readily available. Not a hard concept to grasp.

#14422590 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 19 September 2021 - 05:18 PM

Why don’t you use the certificates on Black Friday sales instead. They worked for me the past few years.

The amount of PUR points you get back from a purchase is dependent on if you used certificates or not. Buy a $20 game and use a $15 certificate, well you only get points on $5 of that purchase.

If however you buy a game with PUR points and trade it back in with G2L, then you at least get points for trading it in. It's probably one the fastest (if not the fastest) ways of converting points to credit. It also helps have credit, so you can use it online and not have to go in store.

#14416649 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 18 August 2021 - 04:10 AM

the people at the store i go to are straight up paranoid, hard to even get a price match out of them

they sense someone has 2 brain cells in their brain and feel threatened & start inventing rules
sucks cause its the closest store to me but it has like a 100% turnover rate for a reason

Unfortunately I have a fully paid-off pre-order for NBA 2K21 at a store like this. It's one of the few stores in my area I never go to, as the store lead acts like this particular store is his own personal business he's running.


I've managed to  steer clear of this store for almost a year now, but I know I have to eventually move this preorder over to something else... 

#14414889 GameStop: Glitch to trigger 30% off on pre-owned

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 08 August 2021 - 11:05 PM


Can you STFU and stop posting.


#14414279 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 05 August 2021 - 12:49 AM

Another argument to flesh out the time management aspect of the discussion is that nobody on here has any other marketable skills they could be using their spare time for, thus they trade real cash for Gamestop credit and risk getting banned because of it. If you developed and marketed anything supplemental to your actual job, then you most likely wouldn't be wasting all that time looking for games to flip to Gamestop for a 1.5x trade credit return at best.

Yet another facet to the discussion is how close people live to these Gamestops. Not everyone has two Gamestops within a 30-minute detour of their daily routine. I'd consider anything more than 30 minutes a waste of time and gas, and the small returns being reported in these threads aren't even worth that trip.

Good to see more people acknowledge that there are real ways of making actual money as a side hustle. And then there's Gamestop trade-ins, which are closer to collecting bottles than anything.

Ah, now it makes sense why you spend so much time here and have >15,000 posts. Thanks for providing your own personal experience.

#14413932 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 03 August 2021 - 07:08 AM

When the "buy x number of games, get 50% off $19.99" promo coincided with a $5 extra TIC bonus, that was one of the last times it really felt like it was worth it. Mainly because pretty much every game that was between $18-$20 pre-owned was trading in for $16 after bump... and people were trading in like 20 or more games.

Yeah this here right now isn't far off, since it's about 50% profit, but I don't want to get stuck with those specific games. And besides most stores have awful inventory, and it's not the same as it has been in the past when you could go to the store and abuse TF out of it.

#14412928 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 29 July 2021 - 09:36 AM

Yes, G2L is the right term. Employees are always confused. Most of the time they have no idea what their current sales or trade promos are and deny they exist until they ring up at the register. Your problem was asking them instead of just letting the register do its thing.

Problem with the G2L program is it actually requires the employee to manually input the EBC code from the receipt in order to receive the full $60/$70 back. The register doesn't just do the work for them, unlike the trade-in credit boost promotions when you pre-order a game. And I think that is why most employees just process G2L games as a return (instead of a trade), is because they don't know wtf they're doing. Or as is the case with one moronic employee I encountered, straight up refused to give me the full amount back in TIC (or even a refund), and told me to go pound sand.

#14412486 The Gamestop Thread

Posted by DisGonnaBeGood on 26 July 2021 - 11:40 PM

Nope. Display copy with clear circle sticker that leaves residue so bad that you have to swap out the case.

Have you tried to use clear packing tape to remove it? As a last resort I would try goo gone, mainly because I hate the greasy feel it leaves behind.