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Blog Purkeynator > I think I found the scammer who stole my Marvel Vs Capcom LE DLC code

Posted 16 March 2011

A couple days after Marvel Vs Capcom 3 came out earlier this month I went on a hunt for the Limited Edition which was very hard to find. I "lucked out" at my local Target in Beavercreek Ohio and found one last PS3 copy of the Limited Edition for regular MSRP of $70. I happily purchased the game and the clerk pulled it out of the case and sold it to me. I...

Blog Purkeynator > Why I'm about done buying DLC add on content

Posted 31 October 2010

Lately I've come to realize that add on DLC isn't worth buying. It always seems like people who buy add on DLC eventually get the shaft in one way or the other. Now I try my best to not get ripped off. I buy points when they are on sale or there is a buy 1 get one free or half off deal going (pretty rare) and then I tend to only buy DLC that is on sale on...

Blog Purkeynator > Subway sandwhich for sale

Posted 31 March 2010

Was browsing my local classified ads and came across this ad for a delicious subway ham sandwhich. He asks $4.50 or best offer. Perhaps I will offer $3.00. Thoughts?


Blog Purkeynator > A nice email I sent to Ebay today

Posted 26 January 2010

You have incorrectly canceled three of my auctions due to "copyright infringement". I listed three Japanese Sega Saturn games which were most definitely not infringing on any copyrights. I posted in the auction that in order to play the Japanese games you would need a Japanese Saturn, an Action Replay device or a modchip in your system. While a mod chip m...

Blog Purkeynator > WTF is up with Hitgaming VG charging outrageous prices on common games on Amazon?

Posted 26 November 2009

Anybody else notice this jerk-off company Hitgaming Video Games selling games on Amazon? They will ignore the regular Amazon listing for a game and create a whole new entry with an outrageous price for common games? What are they thinking? They can artificially create their own demand? OMG that game is teh RAREZ now!!!!

Take a look for yourself:

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