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In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 6/10: Days of Play, Games Under $15, & Save Up to...

13 June 2020 - 11:31 PM

Gotta ask again: is Death Stranding deluxe worth the $31?

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 6/10: Days of Play, Games Under $15, & Save Up to...

12 June 2020 - 12:26 AM

While I may not like the wait for more information, I understand Sony keeping their cards close to their chest.  Remember when Sega announced the Saturn for $400 and said it was literally available for purchase the moment it was announced? Then Sony stepped out to the stage, said "$299", and won the generation with just one word.  Or when Microsoft went through a lot of BS about sharing games and then Sony made a simple video showing how easy it was to share them?  Then they won that generation.


We may not like that we're not getting the information we want now, but Sony is playing it smart.  All they have to do is wait for Microsoft to announce a price and release date. If Sony then announces the PS5 at a lower price and an earlier date, especially with legacy BC support, then they will win the generation before it even starts.

EXACTLY. Let the other guy make the first move, and undercut him WITH an additional accessory to boot.

Let your enemy come to you; never rush in headlong. Stand fast, learn--and exploit-- their weakness.

In Topic: PSN Weekly Deals - 6/10: Days of Play, Games Under $15, & Save Up to...

12 June 2020 - 12:23 AM

I'm personally excited; I probably won't be able to swing first month purchase (I've bought a year or two after release, which definitely paid off CAG-style), but with Horizon West, Miles, R&C and an actual media remote again, I'm in.


On another note, is buying Death Stranding Deluxe for $31 on the PStore a good deal?

In Topic: Help! My PS3 Won't accept discs anymore!

12 June 2020 - 12:17 AM

Sounds like you're going to have to send it in. The gear that grabs it sounds busted.

In Topic: Transformers Toys - Deals & Discussion

09 January 2020 - 01:14 AM

Did anyone get anything good from others for Xmas?

My better half finally came through and got me the ultimate:

Omega Supreme.

My first time ever having him in all 35 years they've existed. Also my first Autobot Titan.

(I scored Trypticon for $60 on Amazon--who knew they considered discount dollar stores competitors?)


I think it may also be the only second time we've been together she actually got me a TF (despite them being on my Amazon list every year! XD)