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In Topic: Xbox Gamerscore general discussion

15 April 2015 - 01:05 AM

Signed up for the leap frog as well. I can see myself getting screwed over from a clopening at work, but I'd like to think I could maybe last until the end of the month. There is going to be done crazy people though that flirt with making it through May.

In Topic: Mortal Kombat X (Xbox) thread

14 April 2015 - 01:31 PM

I was going to hold off on purchasing this until later, but I'll be picking it up today on my way to work. The season pass being $20 off at Target, plus 20% off with all my discounts (team member, red card, pharmacy rewards) makes it easier to swallow. Doubt I'll get to play until Wednesday night though depending how long the installation and 1.8 GB update takes.


Going to be a little rusty as it's been a while since I played MK9 but I may rock Kitana as my main representing White Lotus (because why not). I can see myself using Cassie as well though, just because her Facebook Fatality feels like trolling.

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09 April 2015 - 09:57 PM

Kalimba and Golf Club looking to be buys for me so far. Wondering if that'll be it or if they're slowly trickling in. The latter is most intriguing, just because $40 was outrageous for it, but just a tad over $10? Why not.


Edit: Just bought both of them. In the process of downloading them now. Looking to stream in half an hour or so as well if anyone has a preference on seeing either game in action.

In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: Defense Grid 2, Evil Within, Metro, NHL 15 | GwG: XB1: Chi...

09 April 2015 - 03:21 AM

I think all of the levels from origins are in legends, but they are separate games.

Just a minor correction on this. Rayman Legends has 40 levels remastered from Rayman Origins, sitting at 8 per world. Forget the exact number of levels in origins, but I'd say you're getting about 2/3 of Rayman Origins included with Legends.That said, Origins is easily worth $5 even if you already have Legends for either system.

In Topic: Xbox Gamerscore general discussion

09 April 2015 - 03:09 AM

Is it a tough thousand? I've never even played a Rayman game.

Rayman Origins was the first Rayman game I've ever played, but Legends is pretty easy. Most of the achievements are progress based, whether it's completing paintings, rescuing teensies, or completing all the levels 100%. Couple miscellaneous achievements sprinkled throughout as well with one (Kung-Foot) requiring a second controller as there is no online play, only local.


The only two achievements to watch out for are for 1 million lums and hitting max awesomeness. You'll reach 1 million lums going for everything else so there's no need to grind out levels for that. Even with the diamonds I've been acquiring this go around, I'm sitting at 1,200,000 or so (to give an idea).


As for max awesomeness, all the single player stuff has you sitting at I believe 4500 / 6000 for your awesomeness rank. At this point, the only way to increase it is doing the daily and weekly challenges. When the 360 version took me 3 months, I got gold maybe 85-90% of the time getting some silver sprinkled in from time to time. On the X1, I've had all gold or better (aside from two challenges where I had to get a silver and bronze for achievements as they don't stack with the higher trophies). At 10 points a piece for a gold trophy, if you gold every challenge in a week (which isn't that hard if you're at all half decent at 2D platformers), you'll sit at 160 points. Averaging 140 points a week (12 gold, 4 silvers) you'll finish the achievement in three months if you play every day (which only requires maybe 10-20 minutes tops if you just do a few runs).


The man, the myth, the legend. Even retired, none of us are going to catch up with you in our lifetime. :lol: Well, maybe Jstryke.

Heh, I'm still a good ways from that. If I hit my goal of 325k this year, it'll be my best year sitting at 80k. Currently my best year is sitting at 71,105 which was back in 2013. The way "Arcade" games are nowadays though with being 1000 points as opposed to 200 or 400 has me wondering how quickly I'll gain gamerscore in the future. Sucker for those digital games and played a good amount of arcade titles on the 360.


If I do manage to pass Glock, it won't be until close to the end of 2017 if he does zero gaming between now and then at my current rate. Good ways away, but if living in Pennsylvania is good for anything, it's for giving me that motivation to climb up leaderboards. Speaking of, actually compared myself to top spots in other states recently, and while I forget which states they were, there were a small handful where I was either number one or at least in the top five. Living in PA? Sitting at 37. Heck, one guy I'm chasing now is relentless as all hell and we probably passed 10 spots together, with me consistently sitting 1k or so behind him for the past few months.