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02 July 2015 - 12:54 PM

I got my Xbone today and picked up Madden 25 and Watch Dogs. Any must have (cheap) games?

Not sure what you payed for Madden 25, but that game (along with a dozen others and soon to be Dragon Age) is in the EA Access Vault for only $30 a year.

In Topic: Rare Replay - Epic collection of Rareware classics for only $30!

30 June 2015 - 05:39 PM

Weird gamerscore explained:


Only problem with that article is that the numbers don't add up.


Banjo-Kazooie (200 Gamerscore)

Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (1k + 250 DLC)

Banjo-Tooie (200)

Jetpac Refuelled (200)

Kameo: Elements of Power (1k + 3 packs of DLC worth 0)
Perfect Dark (200)
Perfect Dark Zero (1k)
Viva Piñata (1k)
Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise (1k)


The DLC is a bit of a wildcard, but let's say those are included as well. If so, everything totals up to 6,050, not 7,220 as Polygon claims. With the Rare Replay achievement list being revealed as 2,780, that brings the total for everything to 8,830. That leaves 1,170 presently unaccounted for.

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30 June 2015 - 05:20 PM

I'm 26 and I feel old. :(


Looks like the GwG on XBO is taking the same approach as the 360 program.  New game on the 1st and new game on the 16th.

Main difference is, the first game will be available from the 1st to the 31st, while the second game will be available from the 16th to the 15th of the following month.


As for deals, picked up Thomas Was Alone. A short and easy 1k for $5? I'm in for that. Also debating on State of Decay. The 33% offer ends today and not sure if I want to pick it up today or wait out for a cheaper sale in the future. Might be a stupid question, but is the exclusive character always available or is she only available for people who took advantage of the early discount?

In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: EA non-sports, Thomas Was Alone, Tower of Guns, MX vs ATV, m...

27 June 2015 - 02:59 PM

I wouldn't yet lose my mind over the achievements in Rare Replay as it definitely doesn't add up to 10,000G even with the 360 games. There's over a month 'till release, that list is probably partial.

Sort of weird that only a partial list was picked up which has me thinking the N64 games will appear as a title update or somehow other separate list.

In Topic: XBL Deals - DwG: EA non-sports, Thomas Was Alone, Tower of Guns, MX vs ATV, m...

25 June 2015 - 03:17 PM

Pool Nation didn't go for the record of four months in a row. :(


In all seriousness, a pretty good month. Never played Black Flag and I'll be more inclined to play it now for the X1 than the 360. Never heard of So Many Me so not even sure what to expect from that, but a brand new game for free, can't complain about that.


The 360 is a bit of a pass though. Couldn't get into Gears of War and already own Plants vs Zombies. Although the latter I own on a compilation disc, so not having to put that in anymore will be nice. May incline to finish it off finally.