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Experian.com/freescan claims this account was on the Dark Web...

14 February 2018 - 03:53 AM

Soooo I just saw an ad during the Olympics to scan yourself on Experian to see if your info was on the "dark web". 

It actually only scans for your email address, which seems...I'm not sure how useful that is?

But anyway, it was painless at least.


Supposedly my Cheapassgamer account was stolen, has been stolen since 2015!  I haven't actually posted on here in ages, so if I HAVE been posting on here, it wasn't me LOL


Thought this might be semi-useful for other people to check too.  Oh, I changed my password, which I assume means I'm secure on here again.


EDIT: Okay, so then Experian wants to sell you a $10/month service with more info, which I guess is the point of doing this for free.  I'd actually like to know what's in there, and I guess Experian is legit, but I'm passing.   Going to check my other email addresses though...