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In Topic: Spend $15+ on XBL, get FREE $5 Xbox Gift Card @ multiple retailers

30 March 2014 - 08:12 PM

I just checked.  No.  $5, 10, 20 and 50.

The last time I was at Gamestop they told me I could buy any value I wanted.  $14, $15, $16, $17, etc, and it would just print the code on the receipt.  If that is correct, wouldn't that count towards the promotion?

In Topic: Spend $15+ on XBL, get FREE $5 Xbox Gift Card @ multiple retailers

30 March 2014 - 05:29 PM

The fact that its not an best buy exclusive makes it easier cause I have Gamestop Credit to use. Or possible go to Target and get a 5% discount on top of that.


Edit: Damnit but the 5% Red discount wouldn't make it a "$15" purchase.


It's also 10 receipts per email, so if you happen to go crazy with this promo you can just make a new yahoo email and continue sending receipts.

It also lists 10 per Gamertag, so if you continue after the initial 10, with a new email address, you will have to apply the credit to a separate Gamertag as well, I'm assuming.  Not many people actively use two Gamertags, so not sure it'd be worth it to go after the initial 10.  Unless you just want to create a new Gamertag and link the console licenses to your console so anything you purchase on the secondary Gamertag can be played on your main Gamertag.


Has anyone been able to confirm the following:


1 - Can this be completed online?


2 - Do I need to have all of my $15 currency cards on separate transactions or can I do one purchase for $45 worth of credit & get $15 back?


Thanks in advance!

1. It can be completed online through this link, https://xbox.promo.e...com/getthemost/

2. From the wording, it says you can upload a total of 10 receipts, and you can get the promo 10 times, so I would assume that you only get $5 per receipt, regardless if you spend $15, or $150.


Seeing as it says you should receive your promo card in 4-days, or something like that, I don't imagine anyone will have any solid details for a couple days.

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24 March 2014 - 02:40 PM