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15% off PSN and XBL purchases when paying via Cash App

31 December 2020 - 04:42 AM

This has been an ongoing deal for a while, so I apologize if it's already been posted.  But I haven't seen it here, and just recently found out about it myself.


That's right, it's the mothafuckin Cash App


Cash App sends you a debit card linked to your installation of their mobile app.  You use the app to attach a "Boost" (dumb way of saying "coupon") to the debit card.  For as long as I've been using it, about a month now, they've always had 15% off "boosts" for PSN and XBL with an unlimited number of uses.  So you throw $50 onto the app, choose the PSN boost on the app, pay on PSN with your cashapp debit card, and observe after-the-fact that only $42.50 was deducted from your account instead of the full $50 you spent on PSN.


Not gonna soil this good forum with a referral link, so here's their homepage: https://cash.app/