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Forza Horizon 4 $19.99 at Best Buy

12 June 2019 - 01:33 AM

Didn’t see this one listed yet, seems a decent price.

$15.99 for all my fellow GCU homies.


Best way to play Gamecube? (TV wise)

30 April 2019 - 06:40 PM

Ive recently gotten into trying to get the best picture out of my old consoles. 


Ive recently picked up a 36fv310 CRT and an older 720p plasma tv off craigslist / thrift shop, just to see how my old consoles look on them.


I actually do own the mythical Component Cables for my cube, and I also own the Eon GCHD as well.


I also have an Mcable gaming edition.


Problem is, I would like to use 480p on my 4:3 games. My CRT cannot do 480p. my plasma CAN do 480p, but it doesnt look 'the best'. 


The mcable + GCHD looks absolutely awesome, but with older plasmas / LCD tvs, you cannot change the aspect ratio on anything 720p or larger, (mcable upscales to 1080p), so I cannot get that awesome 4:3 480p.


I did play eternal darkness with the mcable in 480p widescreen, and it was jaw droppingly amazing.


I know the best solution here is the PVM-20L5, but Id rather not spend that much money. 


I guess the ultimate question: does an HD CRT (like the 1080i trinitrons) look the best for gamecube games? Is it worth going after one? There are quite a bit in my area for free all the time. (but of course these things weigh like 200 pounds and take up a lot of space...

Kingdom Hearts 3 SPOILER Discussion / Thoughts

18 February 2019 - 08:03 AM

This thread will assume you have finished Kingdom Hearts 3, thus everything is fair game and I just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on the game itself, and where it ranks among the main KH titles.

Everything after this will have spoilers, so you are warned.

For me:

I thought the positives of the game was that it was more Kingdom Hearts - the core gameplay is the same, and it’s recognizable from past titles, which given Squeenix’ track record is really all I asked for. The combat is really fluid and the game looks gorgeous.

I will say that’s kind of where the good stops for me though. The story has become so nonsensical it’s beyond ridiculous. Does sora die at the end? Does he use the power of awakening to rescue kairi, who herself died? How many times do people have to die in this game to actually be dead? Don’t even get me started on the time travel aspect...and I thought the handeling of the whole “new organization xiii” was really stupid as well - couldn’t we have left the organization dead from 2? (I suppose that was really DDD fault)

I was disappointed that roxas did not have a bigger role (I thought him, ven, and sora would be the main playable characters, but unfortunately the other two don’t even come into play until basically the ending of the game.

The Disney worlds did not serve a purpose to me - yes they had their own sub plots that sora took part in, but they had nothing to do at all with the overarching story.

I was massively, massively dissappointed that there were NO final fantasy characters in this game. I understand they wanted to focus on the end of the xehanort story, but kingdom hearts was final fantasy / Disney, in that sense this game lost a lot of the Kingdom Hearts charm.

The pacing, as mentioned before is pretty poor, since I really only cared about the end part of the game after you finish the Disney worlds and save aqua; saving aqua, ven, terra, Xion, roxas, and namine should have been more of a lead up instead of all at the end...

Finally as seen elsewhere, the difficulty was not there: the whole game is really easy. (And short!)

I place this currently as my least favorite in the series. 1 is still my favorite and 2 a close second. 3 is pretty far behind IMO. All 3 games are still worth playing.

I guess for taking 13 years to come out, I’m just disappointed in the final product a bit. I mean I thought they had a long time to better handle this.

Anywho: thoughts?

New Nintendo Selects for 3DS Coming 2/4

16 January 2019 - 03:35 AM

These games are dropping 20 bucks in price so snag the black labels when the prices drop feb. 4th:

Mario maker 3ds
Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D
Starfox 64 3D

Available for 19.99 each or 15.99 GCU for the chosen ones who still have it.

Games Similar to FFIX

07 October 2018 - 06:25 AM

Sooo Final fantasy IX is my favorite video game ever. (Yes there’s probably some nostalgia glasses being worn too)
I just think they nailed the story and characters so well. I really loved the simplistic game play too, made the game smoother to get through.

Is there any game out there (recent or older) that is similar to this? A game that focuses heavily on the story and builds the characters so you grow attached to them?

I’ve played all the FFs (except tactics), but maybe there’s some gems out there that do Classic JRPG really well??

Some that come to mind immediately are Lost Odyssey, and the bravely default games. Bravely reminds me the most of FFIX, but the second half of that game is pure trash IMO.

Any others people think are similar?