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In Topic: The HP Touchpad Guide Thread (get help with webOS, preware, video converters,...

19 October 2011 - 12:46 AM

I haven't tried any because I think webOS has a very good one. I have been using it to read papers for school and I think it's very good. Have you tried the one in webOS?

It is definitely good for reading papers, but I think its pretty difficult to read a whole school book on there! I have two books that are over a thousand pages long- and when I look at them on my pc I can skip to chapters with ease.

On the Web OS I have to scroll through a ton of page numbers to get to it.

I was hoping there was a better alternative with android. =[

In Topic: The HP Touchpad Guide Thread (get help with webOS, preware, video converters,...

17 October 2011 - 09:44 PM

does installing android give any good .pdf readers?

In Topic: HP Touchpad $99.99 / $149.99

28 August 2011 - 02:32 AM

Interesting. I'll definitely have to check that out then.

There's a two pack of screen protectors being sold by Amazon for $8.82 or so. It's under the Spare Parts brand.


There's also a single pack one that's available as of Sept. 5th that's only $4.99(with $2.85 shipping:-#), so for another $1 n change you can get the two pack from Amazon(with free shipping if you have Prime).

Here's the single pack for $4.99 w/ $2.85 shipping: http://www.amazon.co...14494596&sr=1-1

No reviews kinda scares me! I might order one though.... tough call!

In Topic: HP Touchpad $99.99 / $149.99

28 August 2011 - 01:05 AM

I'm in the same situation as you... I have a screen protector for my Ipad 2, but have read you don't really need one for the touchpad. Is it worth it, and where can I find one for cheap? I hate putting these things on... I always had Best Buy do it, so I wouldn't mess it up.

I've read that the ipad2 and the hp touchpad have the same gorilla glass...

Which means they're both scratch RESISTANT. Much the same watches can be water RESISTANT. As in you can wash your hands with them on but don't go scuba diving lol.

I think that applies here too, it is possible to scratch it. I just don't know what kind of screen protector is best for my money. I'd kinda like to buy a set of like 6 forwhat they seem to be going for on amazon(like 16 bucks...) and split them with a fellow CAG. if anyone on here is interested in setting something like this up, pm me.

In Topic: HP Touchpad $99.99 / $149.99

28 August 2011 - 12:46 AM

Got mine by standing in line at best buy last wednesday. I got there a 8:40 ,an hour and 20 mins before the store opened and there was 14 people in line. Luckily a sales associate came out and handed out tickets, and guaranteed each person who got one that the would receive a touchpad. I was number 15 of course, and they only gave away 20!

I went ahead and bought a touchstone and a case along with some filler to get the discount on bestbuy.com, but now I'm considering a screen protector. From what I understand the screen is tough stuff but CAN get scratched so with that said I want a good screen protector... but the question is, where can I find a decent one on the cheap?