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In Topic: Fanatical Thread

08 December 2022 - 01:05 AM

Dusk Diver

I used this - thank you.

In Topic: Playstation Deals, PS Plus games, and Discussion

07 December 2022 - 11:27 PM

Totally forgot it even came out, but does anyone have any experience with Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers edition release update thing? I liked the original CC back when I played it 100 years ago, but was wondering if it would be worth the pickup on the "revamped" version?

The main thing that's added is Radical Dreamers, which is worthwhile if you haven't played it before.  It's not a great remaster technically, and the only widescreen options are unusable (crop, stretch). 

In Topic: Steam/Origin etc Buy/Sell/Trade Thread! - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY...

06 December 2022 - 10:18 PM

key trade, paypal or amazon gc. If paypal, a US "to a friend" payment or the buyer covers all fees
Wasteland 3
[H] (steam keys)
Disciples Liberation $3
Railroad Corporation $1
Hunting Simulator 2 Elite Edition $4
Bioshock Infinite $3
Nomad Survival $2
Tokyo Xanadu eX+ $2
Spirit Hunter: Death Mark $2
Spirit Hunter: NG $2
Gal*Gun: Double Peace $2
RAD $2
Beat Hazard 2 $2
Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom $2
Cat Quest $1
Ninja Showdown $1
They Bleed Pixels $1
Kill It With Fire $1

In Topic: Amazon Warehouse Deals Thread XVIII

05 December 2022 - 09:15 PM

My $439 H:FW console arrived today (ordered 11/22 and was tagged with 2 different delay emails).  Came with everything including the game voucher that hadn't been scratched off.  Clearly a return someone boxed back up, though.

Also I've seen this following nsw oled grip ($40) pop up in the $2-3 range in the last few days.  I have two on the way and don't expect to need more, so here's a link to watch.

In Topic: The 2022 Gamestop Thread

02 December 2022 - 01:21 AM

I went in today and the store was having the same issues. I ended up giving them my full PUR number. That worked.