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#11300768 Amazon Exclusive Holiday Walking Dead Vita Bundle $174.99

Posted by chopper731 on 30 November 2013 - 12:38 AM

Agreed lol. Vita is a dog. The few games I may be interested in aren't even pushed in bundles, and they push downloadable bundles with horrible memory card prices. A real niche can't even be built up by Sony's ass backwards logic here. Make an SD compatible Vita and a Vita only PS+ subscription at half the cost of a 'regular' one andmaybe they could get something going for it. Instead, you just gotta accept getting fucked if you wanna own this system.

You're an ass clown. Nobody is getting f-d owning this system. It is a great handheld with even more possibilities to become even better with the PS4. I've played and enjoyed so many games on my Vita while traveling. I've owned the vita since it launched and have enjoyed it ever since even more than I've enjoyed laughing at goons like you making idiotic posts about the system.

#11296704 Forza 5: All cars half off this weekend

Posted by chopper731 on 29 November 2013 - 06:24 AM

I'm not against microtransactions to take shortcuts in games that can take a lot of time to unlock what you are interested in. What I am against are the real world "token" prices in Forza 5. I saw this thread while I was playing Forza 5 actually and decided I'd check out the store. I didn't realize tokens cost this much money. These are sale prices and it is going to take $20 in tokens to buy 1 indycar. That is absolutely ridiculous. I'm glad Gran Turismo 6 is right around the corner.