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29 December 2016 - 04:38 AM

(1/12) I really like doing these threads, but some years I don't do a lot of gaming.  As is tradition, I'm setting a goal of 40 completed games, even though the last two years combined didn't yield anywhere near that figure. I track some other media consumption in this thread as well, because I'm not devoted enough to keep with the various CAG media threads. 

(1/13) Alright, off to some kind of start! I'm sure I'll log a few this year that I played the first 90% of last year, but my first entry was started and finished in the last two weeks.

(4/30) Man, I sure got derailed again - I dove deep into Dragon Quest VIII and found the story to be so incredibly boring. I began to resent the nonsense reasons I was being sent across the map until I just put it down.


Fellow posters, take a moment to write capsule reviews! Just a sentence or two. They're so much more meaningful and entertaining than a score. 


My previous completed games tabs: 2012 (30)2013 (30)2014 (35), 2015 (14), and 2016 (8).  


January: (2)

:3ds: - Zelda Picross - ★★☆☆☆ - If you're like me, you like Zelda, you like Picross, and you're... disappointed this game isn't better. It feels designed to meet contractual minimum development requirements. While it's a shame that there's only one Micross puzzle, it's downright upsetting that the Mega-Picross stages (which are already a pain) are the exact same images as in the regular picross mode.  Boooo. (1/13)

:3ds: - Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Why'd You Steal Our Garbage★★★☆☆ - I was trying to figure out how I describe this platforming action RPG with an overworld and a lot of wandering back and forth. By the time I hit the maze of caves it hit me: it's Zelda II lite. Not bad for a licensed title though. (1/15)


April: (1)

:wiiu: - Splatoon - ★★★★★ - Finally went through the single player campaign. I think my favorite boss was the first one. Still playing the online multiplayer from time to time, and even though I do pretty well I know I'm never going to play enough to get anywhere close to the level cap. (4/30)


November: (1)

:wiiu: - Yoshi's Wooly World★★★☆☆ - I was looking forward to this one based on the E3 demo and playing Kirby's Epic Yarn a couple years ago.  On the whole, I think maybe Kirby was better, but this game was still a fun couples activity and some of the challenge courses were indeed challenging. We collected every single Yoshi. Not every single stamp, but close enough in my book. (11/4)


Games ongoing or in progress: Hungry Cat Picross, Cooking Fever, The Witness, Mario Run, 


Seasons of TELEVISION:






plus new-to-me MOVIES 



Totals: (previous year)

apple.png: 0 (3)
:pc:: 0 (3)

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:ps3:: 0 (1)

:3ds:: 2 (0)

:wiiu:: 2 (1)


Video Games: 4 (8) 
Seasons of TV: 21 (31)
New-to-me Movies: 54 (89) 
Books!: 5 (7)
Board Games: 15 (?)
Stand-up: 100* (125) *a lot more shows produced and hosted than performed on this year