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In Topic: Nintendo Amiibo Card Trade Thread

01 October 2015 - 04:22 AM

Please add me to the list too.



15 Tortimer x 2

18 Bob

51 Opal

67 Flurry

71 Yuka

86 Chief









And various others I would part with as long as I don't have doubles. I need most of them still.

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

04 September 2015 - 07:21 AM

You keep saying people, but only one person here is complaining about the mushroom specifically....

I'll be buying SMM solely because it's an excellent deal (endless levels FOR FREE), I love me some mario, and I'm hoping it'll make me a better platformer. I admittedly have beaten all but the first Mario Bros...oh the shame. I need this game. :P
Won't be creating anything spectacular, I'm not creative enough for that, but I'll definitely mess around with level creation. Should be a fun time regardless, Mario games always are. :)

I just challenged a friend in basically the same position to beat mario 1 with me before SMM cones out. He had a swell time. Plus it was his first time seeing what happens when you beat it. So great how Nintendo and Mario in particular had so many secrets and unlockables.

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

04 September 2015 - 06:36 AM

If they made the Super Mario Maker game itself exclusive to a Wii U bundle I'd buy another Wii U.


I'm not going to let something like a novelty feature such as "big mario" or a different filter keep me away from something so magical. I think you're crazy or cynical or depressed or deranged if you have a Wii U and don't get this game (app? who cares it will be fun as Fuck).


For $60 ($48 with GCU, $49.99 with Amazon Prime, or $59.99 with free puzzle cube at Target) you are getting one hell of a spectacle in my opinion. When you're a kid you always dream of being able to make your own Mario levels. You tell yourself "when I grow up, I want to make video games!!". Then you grow up and realize that being an adult sucks and just because you like video games, that doesn't meant you have the skills, means, or money to make them. 


Super Mario Maker is going let me capture some of that the childhood wonder. Yeah you can't make slopes and, yeah big mario is locked behind a cool looking piece of plastic that will be hard to find and cost $12.99, yeah it turns out I probably suck at designing levels. Despite all of this YOU GET TO FREAKIN' PLAY INFINITE AMOUNTS OF NEW SMB, SMB3, SMW, and NSMB LEVELS (or design your own). And it's batshit crazy.

This. Seriously people?

Get over the strange issues with a costume that is such a minuscule part that you will probably use 1 or 3 times, and never use again (and you have already seen what it does on youtube anyway if you are making such a fuss). 

On top of that - these things are not needed to play the game. AT ALL. Hell, I will barely be playing in the 'Super Mario Bros.' format; a personal choice because I love 3 / World so much. People complain that a company who sells a system that no one is forced to buy, that releases a game (again not forced to buy), that is simply amazing (opinion, but for shaq-fu's sake it's true), and unlocks some extra cute stuff in your game if you own some toys (that you probably already bought, or don't have to buy), and complain about it.... WHY?

Seriously, where have people got this crazy entitled-ness from? Probably Obama. That's a whole different argument. 


Okay. Back to talking about amiibo.



In Topic: Nintendo Amiibo Buy/Sell/Trade Thread (Read the rules in the OP before posting)

30 August 2015 - 05:18 AM

H : Ness (NIB, NA, SEALED)

W : Bowser or Koopa Jr. any condition

In Topic: amiibo Deals and Discussion Thread

29 August 2015 - 05:23 AM

Missed out. Shucks. Will try again later :'(