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Blog phantasyx > Bioshock 1, 2 and infinite. Which is the best?

Posted 27 March 2013

So now that I have completed the third entry in bioshock I'd like to discuss which did it the best as far as Gameplay and Story because that's what it all boils down too at the end of the day.

If you haven't completed any of these bioshocks or are still playing I'm not going to give out and spoilers.

The first bioshock was very original and I t...

Blog phantasyx > Its that feeling when...

Posted 25 March 2013

You are playing a game you really like (For me its Bioshock infinite) and your last swapped rechargeable battery has died and you can't find the charger.


You may post your "It's that feeling when..." in the comments below.

Blog phantasyx > Latest God of War impressions - Kratos the Wife beater

Posted 15 March 2013

So I'm not exactly a fan of god of war but I fairly enjoy the series.

Holy cow! This game as far as game play is one of the best and most visually stunning I have ever played this year! You can now punch and kick people, pick up enemy weapons and the gameplay has been overhauled and advanced.

And when I say visually stunning I mean that I actually fee...

Blog phantasyx > Metal gear Solid Revengence Review

Posted 16 February 2013


Such a long anticipated wait to end up being just a embarrassing disappointment. Finished the game clocked at about 5 hours but I left the game on for a hour (maybe 2?) to do other stuff.

The gameplay is solid, if we are talking numbers I would say a good 7.5/10 and I may replay the game since the boss battles were very enjoyable.

The Story is te...

Blog phantasyx > I just want to say that its 2013 and...

Posted 11 February 2013

The whole PM sent/received limits need to go.

Seriously, bout time we upgraded the servers a bit people.