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Today, 02:28 PM

Mine is like 25 minutes away also, I think...  I only really go when I need something but thats just me in general.  I don't really browse a store anymore and probably wouldn't except for when it comes to buy a new mouse...   Luckily, that's not soon...  as my design is discontinued and expensive as all Fuck now.  Damn Logitech.

In Topic: Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Sold it on eBay. 


The Avengers process is a lot simpler and less paranoia that someone unworthy might redeem a code from what I understand.

I suspect it would have to be or nobody would bother..  Its sinking like a rock and I got to imagine SE is just happy someone is playing it rather they got full cut or not from them.  Just out of curiosity how much did you fleece someone for that code?

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Yesterday, 05:31 AM

I'm weird with games with preorder bonuses like SW Squadrons.  I would not have bought the game early just for the bonuses but if I pass on a preorder then later I feel like full price or anything close to it  is a ripoff and do not end up getting it until it is 50% off or something.     It is like preorder bonuses have a negative effect on me, they don't make me want to get the game early but they make me want to not buy it later.  

I guess its possible I'm wrong but I don't think their was really any preorder bonuses with the game that are really worthwhile...  I got two avatar frames for my steam profile and I guess some skins and shit for MP customization.  By preorder I really meant taking a chance and grabbing it a bit cheaper from a guy wanting to clear out steam wallet.  (I think I paid about $33 for it.)

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Yesterday, 04:03 AM

Hmm... I had made plans to head to Microcenter and pick up a 9700k and mobo, but the Ryzen news kiinda
Makes me rethink that a bit. Will probably still grab the 9700k and board tomorrow and maybe keep them unopened for a little bit.

Its not sexy but if you're not sure what to do with your build (and your current system currently works) the best option is to punt and wait a bit.

That said at some point you have to stop looking at the future tech and just build a new system.

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19 October 2020 - 08:04 AM

I've been playing that Star Wars Squadrons a bit since I got to what I felt like was a stopping point in Div 2 (Basically I finished the apparel event) and I've really liked it.  Just doing story mode.  Its been a solid story so far, granted I'm not expecting a story worthy of a novel but you know what I mean.  You can talk to various crew members and/or squadronmates and they seem interesting enough.  Again they aren't as developed as they would be in other forms of entertainment but they have character, something that makes them interesting, and voices that sound unique in the cockpit.  No one from the films reprises their roles here but all the voice work is good.  (Music is good but its Star Wars so it should be.)


The last time I played one of these was with a garvis gamepad (https://upload.wikim..._pc_gamepad.jpg) and a keyboard.  Right now I'm just playing with a controller (Xbone styled) so the controls kind of overlap each other.  I haven't messed around with trying to use both at the same time.  There are certain controls I wish weren't on the controller as I feel they get in the way and overlap each other.  That said its still really playable on a controller.


I'm playing on Pilot difficulty which is the second of 5 as I feel a bit overwhelmed... but the game doesn't lay everything out at once so I feel like I maybe I would do better if I knew stuff from the third mission on the second mission.  Also there something to be said in being challenged in a long forgotten genre of gaming.  That said it looks like you can replay any mission you want at any time. Each mission has 5 challenges some easy. Finish the mission, do it without dying, within a time limit, and two option stuff... like getting a squadmate out of trouble, keeping a capital ship from being damage to a certain damage threshold, destroying a ship, etc.  I've only once been able to do them all in one mission. 


I hear it looks amazing in VR but thats not something I got the equipment to try...  That said its one of the few genres that I feel really could succeed with VR.


People say the story is about 6 to 10 hours long.  I've played about 4 hours.  I'm hoping I'm nowhere near finishing it.  A) Because I'm enjoying it and B) because I feel like I've only scratched the surface.  The original X-Wing I feel was far longer, but I realize today's presentation makes that hard to duplicate... but the original X-Wing (and Tie Fighter) where far less forgiving. 


This brings me to my biggest concern when I start to the MP...  The game seems very forgiving on aiming.  X-Wing took time, learning to lead targets and whatnot, and awarded the skill while Squadrons I felt like I was hitting targets at max range real within a few minutes.  Also the Tie Fighters can take a pounding.  I don't feel when I'm shooting them but when flying them I escape mistakes way easier than you ever did in Tie Fighter.


Anyhow, I'm really happy I jumped on a preorder...  This is (mostly) the Star Wars game I've wanted since, well, nearly forever.