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#11882153 2014 Yardsale thread

Posted by EnvyNeko on 29 June 2014 - 08:21 PM

After always passing by yard sales (i rarely have cash on me and it's always pretty tight) I stopped at one today after dropping the hubby off at work. Found a top loading nes for $2. Doesn't have the av cord or the ac adapter but $2 was too good to pass up!

#11642988 2014 Dumpster Dive Thread

Posted by EnvyNeko on 26 March 2014 - 05:33 PM

For reference, toys r us uses a compactor as well. So don't bother with them ^^;;

#11537440 2014 Dumpster Dive Thread

Posted by EnvyNeko on 18 February 2014 - 07:46 PM

For anyone thinking of asking employees at Gamestops if they can have the stuff for free here's my advice to you:


Pay attention to the gamestop itself.  If they have a camera system most will be reluctant to give you the stuff even if it's just going to be tossed out, particularly if they stick to the policies or have a manager above them that does.  No one wants to risk their job to give someone some stuff.


Otherwise most wouldn't care.  I see so much stuff get thrown out that is in perfect condition.  If I had intention of staying in this state for longer than 2 years at max I'd go out to dumpsters too.  Perfect places for craft items too. 


Keep the cool finds up! Just ignore the people who want to talk about the legality of it because it's been BEATEN TO DEATH ALREADY. 


There's a half price books near me, perhaps I should swing by their dumpster sometime.


#11453750 2014 Dumpster Dive Thread

Posted by EnvyNeko on 18 January 2014 - 04:09 AM

Yep, totally jealous of your trash and broken junk, definitely jealous about the check you'll be getting from TLC for your appearance on "Extreme Cheapskates" next season. Also, did you read the wall of text you posted? It clearly states that dumpster diving is only legal when the trash is on the curb. 


Yup, it clearly states that dumpster diving is only legal when there's NOT a sign that says NO TRESPASSING.  You should probably read the legal jargon a bit better before berating someone's hobby.


Personally I don't think dumpster diving is gross or being a cheapskate.  Corporate America makes companies throw out things like no tomorrow, perfectly good items. Brand new items even!  And if someone's throwing it away why can't I have it for free then?  If all it takes is for me to spend a bit of time and effort digging it up why not?  Keeps less stuff out of landfills that are already brimming. 


How about instead of complaining about it you go tell the government to tell corporations to stop being so damn wasteful then?!