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#1045899 Employees of All Stores - Post your stupid customer stories - Part II-

Posted by Shinkuu Ryao on 08 August 2005 - 12:38 PM

Two things happened the other night that to piss me off, then someone commited a crime and I got happy :twisted:

Ok, first thing, a kid comes in, browses around a little and picks out 4 games he wants to buy, grand total was about $95. He pays with a $100 bill and I say goodbye....
Only to have his father come back in 2 hours later saying that the kid wasn't supposed to buy those games because the money was supposed to be used for emergencies only (why a kid needs $100 for emergencies is beyond me). I say for him to give back the games and I'll see if I can refund them. Alas, 3 games are already open so I can only offer him $15 for the final game, the dude goes apeshit and starts cussing out me and his kid, this goes on for a few minutes until i get ticked off and take $15 from the register and start to walk into the back room. The guy takes this as an insult and yells "WHERE THE FUCKING HELL ARE YOU GOING?!" to which I calmly reply "I'm going into the back, I gave you the money and there's no one else here for now so I'm going to grab a soda." The dude takes the money and leaves.

Second thing, mom and son team come in and I ask if I can help, she screams really loudly and her son approaches me saying she does this alot to places she senses are evil; I ask the kid if he wants to buy anything and he replies "No thank you, I don't play games" With his mother screaming all the while. My boss and co-worker on break ask what's going on with the screaming and I explain, they try to calm the woman down and then she starts speaking Jibberish, I can't take it anymore and go on my break

So there's a Subway across the park where my friend works, we chat and eat and head back to our jobs, 20 seconds after I leave I get a call from my Boss and he says "Listen, that woman was taken care of but we've got another problem, her other kid rushed in and stole a bunch of new release games! He's got a black vest and baggy red jeans on!" I immediatly see the kid rushing in my direction and he's holding a bunch of games in his jacket. I run towards him, grab his arm and use gravity to swing him into a tree right next to me, the kid is practically knocked outand his nose is bleeding. My friend from Subway saw the whole thing and called the police, we recovered all the games and my boss said "Take a few extra minutes off if you want" And I got a free drink from Subway

So in the end I got my rage all taken care of, and a free coke!