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H: 360/PS3/GameCube games W: Paypal, PS3/360, PS1 RPGS!!!

14 August 2012 - 03:21 PM

Hey guys, starting my first trading thread here. I`ll be listing other things periodically, both stuff I want and stuff I have to trade and sell.

Some info:
Located in Canada
275+ feedback on eBay, 100% positive!
Paypal is the only form of payment I`ll take.
Open to trading, but $$$ is preferred!
For trades - Highest feedback goes first.
For sales - Money first, then game for both ends.

Here`s what I`ve got right now that can go..
:ps3: Metal Gear Solid 4 (Mint, complete)
:ps3: God of War Collection (GoW1+2) (Disc only)
:360: Skyrim (No map, cover art crumpled, everything else is mint!)
:360: Battlefield 3 (Online pass used) (Mint, complete)
:gc: Second Sight
:gc: Rainbow Six Lockdown
:gc: XIII
:gc: Splinter Cell Pandora Tommorow
:gc: Resident Evil


Posted Image Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Posted Image Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete
Posted Image Final Fantasy VII
Posted Image Chrono Cross
Posted Image Parasite Eve 1/2
Posted Image Xenogears

:ds: Final Fantasy III


Posted Image Resident Evil 3 - Case/Manual only
Posted Image Legend of Dragoon - Disc 4 only
:ps3: Final Fantasy XIII - Manual only

I can't think of others right now. Check my list for what I already own!

Please understand- I'm after quite a few games, but I'm not exactly made of money- I can't buy everything at once, I try and keep a budget for my gaming collection and don't like to overstep it so sometimes a sale may have to wait until my next payday.

Collection - For reference
Not too willing to sell, unless I get a great offer.

I try to keep my games in pristine shape so hopefully anything I buy from you is the same!

Stay tuned for more updates as time goes on!

Completed trades

Forza 4 - $19.99 @ Costco (YMMV)

24 July 2012 - 05:43 PM

Just went to get a couple things and saw it for 19.99. Just bought it two days ago for $49.99..guess I'm returning a copy!

Kelowna Costco had 2 left as of this morning, looks like they are just trying to get rid of old stock so YMMV.

Any deals on a 320GB Slim 360 HDD?

23 July 2012 - 05:19 PM

I was looking at the 320gb HDD with star wars a while back for $99.99 but I missed out on that. Any similar deals around? The cheapest I see is Amazon at like $125.