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In Topic: CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

24 December 2015 - 03:07 AM

Can someone give me the quick and simple way to gameshare on Ps4? I know there is like 1 million FAQ's on it, but it is a lot of information to go through. I'm getting my bro a Ps4 for Xmas and I want to game share with him so he has access to all of my downloaded games on his system right away.
Is it as simple as I activate his Ps4 as my primary and he activates my Ps4 as his primary? Or is there a better way? If someone could give me a simple straightforward best way to do this, please let me know. He actually gets his Ps4 today.

You simply activate his account on your PS4 as primary account, and add your account to his PS4 as primary. You don't need to set your account as primary on your own PS4. You can then download content from each other's account and play it on your own profile. That is exactly what Sony intends for you to be doing, there's nothing taboo or secretive about what I just posted at all.

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

03 December 2015 - 08:41 PM

Was just thinking about the raid challenges. Warpriest gave a 320 artifact + 320 heavy/special weapon. So golgoroth usually gives armor as drops, can i assume that we will get a 320 armor piece. Can i also assume beating the Oryx challenge will drop a primary weapon or helmet thats 320? I really hope so. I also hope that all three give artifacts, in case you dont like the stats the other ones had. Either that or a 320 ghost or 320 class item. But its kind of hard to upgrade a 310 artifact to 320 considering there are none inbetween at the moment. And if i used a 320 to infuse a 310 it would probably land at 318.

I hope each challenge has a different loot table so that you can get all the slots to 320. For example, if puddle boy drops a 320 ghost shell and 320 chest/legs, sisters perhaps drop class item and gauntlet (both armor is unlikely I know), while Eris' ex-husband drops a 320 primary and 320 helmet.

In a month when it's presumably the priest again, you would be able to get another pile of 3x 320 artifacts, and then you can upgrade your 310's all the way with drops from both challenges (or multiple chars).

In Topic: Destiny (PS3/PS4) Official Thread

26 November 2015 - 11:20 AM

If any of you are collecting the stupid crap in the collection kiosks, visit Eva today to purchase the very rarely offered Winterborn Mark emblem.

In Topic: CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

23 November 2015 - 08:37 PM

Updated listings can be found here: http://www.cheapassg...faq/?p=12050560

• Adventures of Pip, Wolfenstein: Old Blood - non-sell*, $1/wk
• Batman Arkham Knight - $2/wk
• Battlefield Hardline - non-sell*, $1.5/wk
• Bloodborne - $8 non-sell*, $2/wk (rented)
• Call of Duty: Block Ops 3 w/ Nuk3town map - $3/wk (rented)
• Citizens of Earth, PixelJunk Nom Nom Galaxy - non-sell*, $1/wk
• Destiny (Game + ALL DLC + collector's edition exclusives) - $3/wk (play on your main OR on the locked spot with max level chars and tons of exotics/raid swag)
• Game of Thrones, Life Is Strange, Tales Borderlands, Walking Dead 1and2, The Wolf Among Us (all six games are FULL seasons) - $10 non-sell*, $3/wk (rented)
• Geometry Wars 3 - non-sell*, $1/wk
• Helldivers - non-sell*, $1/wk
• Journey, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - $1/wk
• Just Cause 3 (Dec 1) - non-sell*, $3/wk (rented)
• Killzone: Shadow Fall - sellable, $1/wk
• Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris - non-sell*, $0.5/wk
• Lara Croft Osiris+DLC, Mercenary Kings, PJ Shooter, Towerfall Ascension - non-sell*, $1/wk
• Lego Marvel Super Heroes - sellable, $1/wk
• LittleBigPlanet 3 w/ many costumes - non-sell*, $2/wk
• Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - $2/wk (rented)
• The Order: 1886 - $4 non-sell*, $2/wk
• Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition - non-sell*, $1.5/wk
• Sound Shapes + DLC, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare - $0.5/wk
• Star Wars: Battlefront - non-sell*, $3/wk (rented)
• Until Dawn with Pre-Order Bonus - $3/wk
*PS4 non-sells do not always stick, it is recommended to unplug your PS4's ethernet cable after download. non-sells for brand new $60 PS4 games are just a measly $8! The pricing is reduced to justify the risk that the buyer takes.

• Alice Madness Returns + All DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Assassin's Creed Brotherhood + All DLC - nonsell, $0.5/wk
• Assassin's Creed 3 + All DLC, Sorcery(move) - Sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag + All DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Batman Arkham Asylum - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Batman Arkham Origins + Cold Heart + Initiation + Knightfall - nonsell, $1/wk
• Battlefield 4 + Premium DLC + pile of battlepacks + Pistol&DMR unlocks - [might be sold]
• Borderlands 2+Mechro+Dome+lvl61+S.Pass, SoundShapes+DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 All DLC (game not included) - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• DanceStar w/ songs(ask for list) - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Dante's Inferno, Journey, LittleBigPlanet 2+DLC, MLB 13 HRD, Mirror’s Edge, PJ Racers, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale+DLC, Star Wars FU2 DLC, Trine 2, Uncharted 2 DLC, Uncharted 3 DLC - nonsell, $1/wk
• Darksiders II w/ Crucible Pass and soundtrack - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Echochrome, LocoRoco BuuBuu Cocoreccho, Soul Calibur Lost Swords (Japan) - nonsell, $1/wk
• Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon - sellable, nonsell, $0.5/wk
• God of War Ascension Online Pass + 48-hr XP Boost + Ultimate DLC - sellable, nonsell, $0.5/wk
• Grand Theft Auto V, L.A. Noire+DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• GTA4 Episodes, LA Noire, Midnight Club LA+DLC, Red Dead Redemption - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Heavy Fire Afghanistan - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• LittleBigPlanet Karting+karts+costumes(ask for list) [online is broken] - sellable, nonsell, $0.5/wk
• Machinarium - sellable, nonsell, $0/wk
• Max Payne 3 + All DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Ni No Kuni, Jet Set Radio - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Remember Me - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Saints Row 3 Complete (USA) - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Saints Row 3 Complete (German, stacking trophies) - sellable, nonsell
• Smurfs 2 - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• South Park: The Stick of Truth - nonsell, $1/wk
• Star Wars Force Unleashed DLC - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Tomb Raider (2013) w/ bonuses, Quantum Conundrum - sellable, nonsell, $1/wk
• Watch Dogs + All DLC, Auditorium HD - nonsell, $1/wk

In Topic: CAG PSN Gamesharing #9 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

18 November 2015 - 01:11 AM

Managing queues is gonna be hard with this... I imagine members get priority but please don't forget to update the rest of us as to what this means for things going forward as it will have some impact on waiting lines

Games have always been available for rent and it has no effect on managing queue's. Anytime a phantom or rental is done, the club forums are updated as appropriate.