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Blog KillerRamen > Microsoft Caves Again! Xbox One to Include Headset!

Posted 08 August 2013


Always online? No longer!
No used games? Now supports used games!
No sharing physical disks with friends? Go for it!
Incompatible with non-proprietary headsets? Nope. It does that too now!
No headset? Here's a headset!

Microsoft has caved on pretty much everything that consumers have complained about when they an...

Blog KillerRamen > Early Adoption: An Emotional, Not Logical Decision

Posted 29 July 2013

Buying a Playstation 4 or Xbox One at Launch is Stupid.

Why I'm Thinking About Buying the PS4 Anyway...

http://ecx.images-am...ZEL._SX385_.jpg http://3.bp.blogspot...xbox-one-04.jpg

This November (or maybe October in the case of the Playstation 4), the...

Blog KillerRamen > It Came From Comic-Con!

Posted 22 July 2013

SDCC 2013 Revisited


So I wasn't able to go to Comic-Con this year or any other year really, but there were some pretty cool, some pretty weird and some just plain odd things that came out of it. It's a time where toy companies release some new and often exclusive...

Blog KillerRamen > Xbox 360: The Mature Dashboard Bug (Now this is just getting ridiculous)

Posted 10 July 2013

Broken Filtering System Being Addressed (Maybe?)


The Xbox 360 has prided itself on having a very robust parental control system. You can control pretty much everything a kid sees on the Xbox 360. You can even decide how long and when a kid can play game...

Blog KillerRamen > Xbox 360: How to (Temporarily) Get Mature Content Off Your Dashboard

Posted 10 July 2013

No More Scared Childrens


The past couple of weeks there have been some pretty graphic advertisements on the Xbox 360 dashboard and they've been scaring people's kids. People have been looking for answers on how to get those decaying dead women off their da...