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Today, 04:00 AM

Yeah, until Nintendo reveals next year a model with 60 games on it, including the original 30; or one that allows SD storage. I wouldnt put it past Nintendo. I love them, but I also know them...this will go in the bargain bin end caps for $10 by next year, with the new one on the way.


Dont get me wrong - this makes for a cool retro style home furnishing, like a boardgame, and is in no way a rip-off. I just don't see $60 as worth it. Pesonally, it's hard to pay $2 per game considering I've already paid money for each of them before and in more ways than one. I guess in order to see $2 per game as a great deal, you'd first have to agree they were originally worth $5. I do not.


That sounds awesome... I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo will get Square-Enix to put Little Samson on the model 2. Personally, I'm super excited about the new NES since I never thought Nintendo would do such a thing and because of the possibilities for the future. Just being able to go to GameStop and buying a brand new NES is really cool to me. 


I'd love to own a copy of Donkey Kong Jr Math, Contra Force, Earthbound Origins, Little Samson, Mr Gimmick, etc. 

In Topic: NES Classic Edition Preorder at Toysrus.com

Yesterday, 01:57 PM

Are people still buying this after learning it can only play the preloaded games? As cags don't we all know about emulators or just buying original consoles and games on the cheap?

The games and original hardware will run about $350. This is $60 and it can run on all modern TVs. Even the 4K TVs that have no analog inputs.

It's a hell of a deal for those who want a legitimate way to play these games at $2 a pop.

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26 July 2016 - 11:30 PM

It's not as bad as it appears. Though I think it could stand to be a tad longer.


I guess we'll have to see what's in the package. I kind of expected that since they were marketing the controllers to work with the Wiimotes that they'd come with an extension cord in the box. If not then I guess I'll be buying an extension cord. I have them for pretty much all of my systems (even the Atari Jaguar), so I'm sure someone will make one if there's a need. 


I doubt there will be an NES Classic 2. They really blew their load with this lineup. This is damn close to a legit top 30 most important NES games list. Unless a 2nd just throws more games on top of the original 30, that next batch will look tepid in comparison to this batch.

The NES has a library of 750+ games. I think they will make a model 2 with new games. There are tons of games they can choose from, but I'm really hoping that one of them is Little Samson. I mean, they got Square-Enix involved so they might as well just do it. 

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26 July 2016 - 07:26 PM

I don't see why these would be so popular. Almost all the games worth playing were ported to newer systems. And to be quite honest, the NES era of games was pretty crappy compared to later generations.

To buy the original hardware and these 30 games you're looking at upwards of $350. The Wii U is $200 and NES VC games cost $5-6 each, so you're looking at $350 for a Wii U and 30 games. Hell, I have single games in my collection worth over $100 and $200. $60 for this collection is nothing.

This is 30 great games and a little console for the price of a new game. It's a hell of a deal for anyone who loves NES games.

This weekend alone I spent $20 on two new games for my NES. Sure, I have all of these games, but I'm still getting one.

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26 July 2016 - 03:43 AM

I am honestly shocked by that ending...