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Blog King J Gatz > My hate for Kimmy Gibbler

Posted 26 September 2011

I was taking a trip down memory lane today. I remember how it would piss me off when I was younger that every time I would be wanking it to Aunt Becky on Full House, that damn Kimmy Gibbler would show up on break my concentration and make my penis soft. Just thought I should share this with you guys. Be well.

Blog King J Gatz > To the guy whole stole my ipod and change out of my van today.

Posted 16 August 2011

A BIG Fuck YOU! Goes out to the pathetic little piece of shit who stole my ipod and my ashtray full of change(yes they took the whole ashtray insert) out of my van today. It's cool because I can afford to buy a new one while your pathetic ass hit a big score today with some fucking car change you fuckin chump!

Blog King J Gatz > VanQuish is such a dope ass game!!!!

Posted 20 November 2010

I cant believe how many people are sleeping on this game right now. The voice acting is kinda corny but damn, the game play is crazy!!!!! What your thoughts?

Blog King J Gatz > Oh how I long to call in a tactical nuke in MW2

Posted 24 April 2010

I feel my life would be complete if I could just call one in. lol. I've gotten close. I had 23 kills without dieing but the game ended with my 23 kill. If I could just get a nuke in a game It would be great. I use to feel the same way about getting a 50 in Halo but that damn ranking system for Halo was so damn screwy I gave up. Hopefully one day I shall g...

Blog King J Gatz > If your looking for Good Rap music check this out.

Posted 24 April 2010

I hate new rap music its pure garbage. I only listen to pretty much underground stuff now like Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharoahs, Snowgoons and any other babygrande records artist. Their beats are the best and none of that auto tune garbge. I mean seriously some one made a song called 'stanky leg' wtf.

Here is some videos of the music I listen to...