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In Topic: CAGcast #716: BBBBBBBBBBBBBB

22 February 2022 - 07:56 PM

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's made that mistake with gigabit internet and cables... I spent about a week trying to troubleshoot my network to determine why my Xbox downloads were maxing out at around 100 mbps... When I finally looked at what cable I had plugged into my Xbox, I saw it was the original cable that shipped with my 360.... Whoopsies!

In Topic: CAGcast #692: Sloppy State Drives

11 August 2021 - 05:59 PM

Hey guys,

Great show, as always! I was digging the additional sound effects in this episode and Wombat's quick imitation was on-point  :D


@NewWombat Congrats on the promotion! Are you the only VP of your company or are there several, each over a different line of the business? Regardless, I'm happy to hear that all the hours you've put into this job have continued to pay off for you.


I only recently found out about this even though it's old news, but I was curious if @CheapyD or @Shipwreck still have their Logitech Harmony remotes given they have discontinued the line: https://www.whathifi...rsal-tv-remotes


I've got 2 of the Harmony Elites that are getting pretty old, so wanted to know if you guys have already found the new hotness in universal remotes.


Lastly, any plans for new parody songs, CheapyD?


Keep up the great work!

In Topic: CAGcast #679: You’re Doing It Wrong!

09 April 2021 - 03:15 PM

Sorry @Wombat, I wasn't trying to be dismissive of you trying to be healthier.

I'm very happy to hear that you've been able to find something that is working for you.


Eating better and exercise are great for you, regardless of the type of "method" that you're following.

So long as you continue that, you will be healthier, almost guaranteed.


The benefit that IF supposedly provides on top of just better eating and more activity is that it allows your body to "reset" its insulin tolerance levels, which is one of the major causes for fat storage on the body. Plus, doing your walks whilst fasting will allow you to directly burn the fat on your body versus just burning the glucose in your bloodstream from your latest meals/snacks.


I do sincerely apologize for sounding like one of those "Internet Assholes;" that absolutely wasn't my intent.

As someone who has battled weight issues for much of my life, I just wanted to provide additional information that has shown success for me.

Regardless of which path you choose, I hope you stick with it and get yourself to the level of health that you want.


Keep up the great work, guys!

In Topic: CAGcast #678: How About Deez Grape Nuts?

07 April 2021 - 03:11 PM

Great show, as always!


@Wombat, I would have to agree with the previous comment that your nutritionist's plan for you is not likely to work...

Have you ever heard of Intermittent Fasting? I was skeptical of this method at first, but then I read "The Obesity Code" by Dr. James Fung.

It pretty clearly explains why most current diets fail eventually and why others appear to work at first and then stop (Atkins). I've been doing IF for about 6 weeks now and have lost 15 lbs. Given that I know finding the time to exercise is very difficult for you, this might be a valid option that will help you shed some poundage and overall feel better. 


Keep up the great work, guys!