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In Topic: CAGcast #643: We Hope This Helps

12 July 2020 - 03:47 AM

After Cheapy said that the Ping Pod reservation system was not an 'app', but just on their website I was able to find their website pretty easily. That is pretty neat, however, in the last 2 CAGcasts, you specifically mentioned that there was only 1 pod. The pics on their website show a lower, street-level pod and there is another on the 2nd floor. Were you aware of the upper level? So there is only 1 location currently, but there are actually 2 'Pods' available to rent. What you could do is stream one of your training sessions from the top level pod, that way you won't be so nervous or self-conscious about people randomly walking by and staring in at you.


In regards to the 'Waifu Uncovered' review, I had to look it up when I got home and in the trailer, there is an unlockable 'one-handed' mode for playing. They state specifically "Busy with OTHER things? Unlock & play the innovative one finger mode".


I can't imagine someone doing any activity that requires your attention and/or use of your other hand (such as driving, cooking, watching a movie, etc.) while trying to play a 'bullet hell' shooter with one hand. What could the reason possibly be for needing a 'one-handed' mode for this game with naked girls in it? Hmm...." I guess one of the devs came up with a reason while play testing it. Anyway, I though that was pretty funny.


In Topic: CAGcast #642: Wombat Kombat

04 July 2020 - 05:48 AM

I tried going back to find out what the auction site is that Shipwreck has been using, but I can't find the Cagcast and/or time it was mentioned...

So, what auction site are you getting these deals from Ship? Maybe they can be a sponsor!

I believe it was https://www.bidfta.com/

In Topic: CAGcast #642: Wombat Kombat

04 July 2020 - 05:38 AM

That Ping Pod place sounds pretty neat. Yes, please live stream from it. BTW, you didn't mention who you played with. Did Tai go with you or did you meet someone up there? I looked on my iPhone & iPad and I literally cannot locate the app. A Google search also didn't bring up anything with the name 'Ping Pod'. So they only have 1 'pod'?

In Topic: CAGcast #641: But Can You Point to It?

30 June 2020 - 01:54 PM


       Was your wife upset about you ‘doing squats’ with Rebel Wilson?


In Topic: CAGcast #632: TestStop

25 April 2020 - 03:21 PM

With the numerous times that Sonic mentioned how horrible the ‘Mushroom Planet’ would be, they HAVE to somehow poke fun at Nintendo regarding Robitnic’s return after he was banished there. Hopefully, in the intro, they can figure out a way to show him defeating the planet’s ‘Ruler’, whether that’s Mario or Bowser, and escape the horrible ‘Mushroom Planet/Kingdom’ without getting their pants sued off by Nintendo. If they can’t show it, they could either do it by having something funny in an opening text crawl, but if they opt for not showing it, I’m sure they can just show the aftermath with Jim Carey and I know he would be able to come up with something hilarious to say along with some funny body movements & facial expressions that will make for one of the funnier moments in the move. It would be even funnier if he returned from the Mushroom Planet with a new ‘babe’ by his side, and he should just keep slyly referring to her as ‘peach’. “Be a peach, would you, and bring me a cup of tea... etc.”


OK, thanks for considering my entry in the Sonic Blu-Ray contest.