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#14305560 CAGcast #643: We Hope This Helps

Posted by Tone-C on 12 July 2020 - 03:47 AM

After Cheapy said that the Ping Pod reservation system was not an 'app', but just on their website I was able to find their website pretty easily. That is pretty neat, however, in the last 2 CAGcasts, you specifically mentioned that there was only 1 pod. The pics on their website show a lower, street-level pod and there is another on the 2nd floor. Were you aware of the upper level? So there is only 1 location currently, but there are actually 2 'Pods' available to rent. What you could do is stream one of your training sessions from the top level pod, that way you won't be so nervous or self-conscious about people randomly walking by and staring in at you.


In regards to the 'Waifu Uncovered' review, I had to look it up when I got home and in the trailer, there is an unlockable 'one-handed' mode for playing. They state specifically "Busy with OTHER things? Unlock & play the innovative one finger mode".


I can't imagine someone doing any activity that requires your attention and/or use of your other hand (such as driving, cooking, watching a movie, etc.) while trying to play a 'bullet hell' shooter with one hand. What could the reason possibly be for needing a 'one-handed' mode for this game with naked girls in it? Hmm...." I guess one of the devs came up with a reason while play testing it. Anyway, I though that was pretty funny.


#14143386 CAGcast #583: Reverse Sponsors

Posted by Tone-C on 16 March 2019 - 01:06 AM

       I'm learning so much from Wombat's Arby's lootboxes. I'm 46 and have never heard of the term 'Spode' pottery until today even though I have seen this type of dinnerware my entire life.


       Oh and just in case Arby's doesn't include a CD or cassette single of this in one of his remaining Arby's boxes, have a quick little CAG Flashback to 1987 and listen to Terence Trent D'Arby's single... 'Wishing Well'     Great song!
                             Suggestion for next week's CAGcast title: 'Terence Trent D'Arbys'


'Wishing Well' by Terence Trent D'Arbys


#12360278 CAGcast #391: Emaciated Midget Bowls

Posted by Tone-C on 26 December 2014 - 04:51 AM

A couple of things.


First, Shipwreck was correct in assuming the vagueness of Nintendo's description of it's 2 new NES Remix titles would confuse would-be purchasers. A co-worker of mine was talking about all of the Wii-U stuff (console & games) he got for his son for Christmas. He said he was considering getting NES Remix so he could play some of the old classics with his son. I debated bursting his bubble, but I ended up telling him that I had them (both the Wii-U and 3DS versions) and they were actually collections of mini-games & challenges in 8-bit Nintendo game scenarios. He sounded disappointed when I told him but I'm sure it saved him from getting upset if he had purchased it and then realized that is was something other than what he thought it was.


Secondly, when asked about weird games & controllers, I was a little disappointed that Ship didn't mention Seaman for the Dreamcast with it's microphone attachment for the controller. I recently purchased a Japanese Seaman for the PS2 which came with a gold, custom controller that looks like something off the show Lost.




Even if he doesn't have Seaman, I know he has the the Japanese version of the 'Hey You, Pikachu!' microphone controller because I sent it to him in exchange for picking up X-Com for me a few months back.


I'm somewhat fanatical about picking up weird controllers even if they are unique to only a single game. When I visited Japan in 2008, I came back with a whole slew of them, two of them being a Densha de Go! and one a Pachinko controller. Some of my favorite U.S. released ones were the Namco Neg-Con & Jog-Con for the Ridge Racer games.


A few shows back, Cheapy talked about wanting an orchestra conducting game, and they came out with one on the Playstation in Japan called Maestro Music for PS1 (not to be confused with Mad Maestro on U.S. PS2) that used a baton controller than you could change the tempo of the music (by swinging the baton faster or slower)  and also the volume of different sections (by how much force you made your gestures).




       There was also a Japanese RC Helicopter game/simulator called, oddly enough, "Flying Circus" (not affiliated with Monty Python) that had a full functioning RC Plane/Helicopter controller.




Last item before I sign off. Cheapy, did you happen to move into the one zip code in NYC where Amazon is offering their Prime Now 1-2 hour delivery service? If not, how long do you think before it will be available to you?


Keep up the great work. Can't wait to hear your Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's stories on the next CAGcast.


#11894155 CAGcast #371: Mr. Xbox Fitness

Posted by Tone-C on 04 July 2014 - 11:28 AM

      I feel obligated to respond to Shipwreck’s comment when he said “That explains a lot” to Wombat about him being a ‘Master System Kid’ and that no one would dare come to his house to play it. I was an avid Nintendo player back in the 80’s with a very extensive game collection, as were several of my other friends, but the SMS was responsible for some of the most ‘eye-opening’ experiences of my adolescence.
      My best friend was the neighborhood ‘ Master System Kid’ and I loved going to his house to play the SMS because, well, mostly because no one else had one, but it also had great games that you could not get on the N.E.S. (Sorry Wombat, I have to side with Ship here. You can’t pronounce it ‘Ness’ and ‘yes’, Haunted House sucked big Weber™ grill balls. But I digress.)


      The SMS had a lot of great original games like Alex Kidd, R-Type, Fantasy Zone, Zillion, and decent arcade ports of OutRun, Choplifter, Shinobi, Hang-On, Space Harrier, and the list goes on and on. These games were so engrossing that we would sometimes stay up late into the wee hours of the morning playing them.
      During one particular sleepover, after a marathon Master System session, we shut off the system and quickly learned that the cable we had running from a splitter on the living room TV was hooked up incorrectly. This cable was originally installed to allow us to watch cable in my friend’s room but because of our ineptitude with electronics at the time, found out that it would only transmit the output from the living room VCR back to his bedroom TV. We also learned that his dad, thinking we were asleep, would sometimes watch adult movies in the living room, but because of our wiring error, we could watch whatever he was watching.


       We never did correct the coaxial anomaly, but I did secretly sneak over my parent’s VCR on subsequent sleepovers so we could (quote)”watch movies” (unquote) but in reality, what was actually taking place was our first foray into pirating movies.
      I hope everyone can learn these two very important takeaways from my personal experience with the incredibly underappreciated Sega Master System:
1. The Sega Master System had some great, original games and some pretty good arcade ports
2. Most adult video production companies in the 80’s were too cheap to spend money on MacroVision™ copy protection.


#11566285 CAGcast #356: Insert Three Amigos Quote Here

Posted by Tone-C on 28 February 2014 - 11:10 AM

What's the deal with multiplayer only games (i.e. Titanfall, Plants vs. Zombies 2)? Remember M.A.G.? I wanted to pick it up a year ago when the price got very low, but server support stopped about the same time. Same thing happening now to Wii and DS games. Granted, Titanfall has several years of support ahead of it, but even a short single player campaign would probably convice me to buy it, or maybe even to spring for the game/console bundle, but a free download of a game that I wouldn't play online isn't really a 'system seller' for me.

Side note: Wii U has some great quality titles, DKC: Tropical Freeze, Mario 2D & 3D & Luigi titles, Wonderful 101, but they are trickling out too slowly. The Wii U is a great piece of hardware.

Thanks for listening.

In for PS4 Pinball FX code.