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04 December 2020 - 03:36 PM

Finally got my B2G1 order. Mario Tennis Aces is in perfect condition, Splatoon 2 has the case/cover art but the art looks like a dog was eating it. Not sure what happened there.


Yakuza Remastered had both discs loose in the extra Yakuza 5 case, which was broken. Not digging that so much. All part of the gamble I guess.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

26 November 2020 - 05:22 PM

Do you know what dlc is included?  The game description just says “dlc for the mobile game”.  I don’t know what I’m looking at in the eBay listings, but seeing individual dlc with infrequent ~$10 sales.  I was waiting on this one personally, but if I could just sell the mobile dlc to pay for the rest, I’d do that.

You get a PSN code which you can redeem, and then on the main menu somewhere there'll be something about serial codes. That should give you the main code, and you can fulfill requirements in the game to get more(but less sought after) stuff for the mobile game. The DLC characters come with codes for the mobile game too.


I'm sure the hype behind said codes has died down a lot since release but it's still a good way to recoup some cash if you wanna try it out. Keep in mind though that there's a LOT of DLC, and it's expensive.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

26 November 2020 - 04:46 PM

Anyone order last night and still not have your order show up anywhere? Email or order history. I have my Paypal receipt so I guess I'll wait and see.


I also saw GranBlue Fantasy Premium for $50- anyone think that's worth it? 

If you sell the code that comes with it/redeem it and sell the codes it gives you, you'll get almost all your money back. Same with the regular edition.

In Topic: The Gamestop Thread

26 November 2020 - 02:27 AM

Got Mario Tennis, Splatoon 2 and Yakuza Remastered Collection for $54. Pretty content with my purchase!

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04 November 2020 - 07:25 PM

If I can think of 2 other games to get with it that'd be worth it, I might cop the new KH. Thanks OP.